Especially after a renovation, the residues of paint, plaster and other require a profound professional cleaning to free the floor from all the dust and dirt accumulated. In these circumstances, a simple cleaning with household products is not enough to eliminate all residues but require specific degreasing detergents and powerful professional equipment. Many cleaning companies do not deal only with the ordinary routine cleaning jobs for homes, offices and commercial premises, but they also support the more specific services such as post-renovation cleaning and floor sanding interventions.

Typically, these professionals work with phosphate-free ecological cleaners and professional vacuum cleaners that allow them to thoroughly clean the whole building in just one day. Removing the remnants of the renovation from the flooring is not only important to clean to perfection but also to prevent these substances from settling on the floor by changing its color. The degreasing interventions are also recommended to renew the floor after several years from its installation to make it come back as new.

After years, every type of floor begins to show signs of wear with scratches, loss of color and sometimes even small dents caused by the accidental fall of heavy objects. Floor sanding interventions are not only important in the civil sector, but above all in the industrial sector, which presents concrete floors subject to great efforts every day. Through a sanding service, the floors are treated with sanders and specific products to eliminate any scratch and present mark.

In addition, the surface regains its natural splendor and is much easier to clean. It should not be forgotten that a worn floor has small holes in which residual dust accumulates, which, during the wash, stick to the coating. Furthermore, after the sanding, the flooring is also much more resistant to grease and oil. Sanding works are particularly suitable for the treatment of marble surfaces. A durable and elegant material that requires specific periodic interventions to return to shine as new and to promote an aesthetic impact of elegance and refinement.

Why should you choose a cleaning company for your office?
Are you the owner of an industrial enterprise like a factory, a workshop or any other large production environment that uses industrial machinery?

So you know that they need a thorough cleaning and regular sanitation for their proper functioning and for the safety of employees and those who attend the company but sometimes to make peace with the accounts you decide to deal autonomously with internal resources of industrial cleaning.

A commercial office cleaning deals with civil cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, cleaning of green areas, smoothing of floors, cleaning of commercial premises, cleaning of warehouses and disinfection of common parts. Perhaps we do not understand how essential it is that the maintenance and cleaning of machinery are carried out by a team of appropriately trained and specialized professionals.

Let's see together the advantages of relying on a cleaning company are certainly many others, let's see some:

• The expert team of cleaning companies is able to intervene with the most appropriate method thanks to their in-depth knowledge of materials and environments;

• The products used are professional and suitable for every operation and need: every machine or environment of your company needs different cleaning methods;

• The frequency and the times of the interventions of a cleaning company are flexible and allow to fix the cleaning service at times in line with the needs of the company;

• It eliminates the problem of choosing the right operator and making a contract. We will take care of it, as well as the consequent concerns regarding the needs of operators.

We remind you that deciding to take care of the cleaning in "do it yourself" mode to save money, entrusting the work from time to time to the staff of your company, is risky. It may not be appropriate and lead to problems with the functioning of the machinery. Moreover, in the case of an accident, the fault and the liability is liable against the employer in question.

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