Issues of mental health such as chronic stress, anxiety and depression are far more common than many people realize. These can be just as serious and have as much impact as physical health issues like heart disease, asthma or cancer but still need more acceptance. Just as with physical health problems there are alternative treatments for mental health issues too that can help alongside seeing a doctor and a psychiatrist or therapist. Things like trying meditation in Brick can be very successful to reduce things like stress and anxiety and lessen the impact of depression.

A closer look at the benefits of meditation and Yoga

Many of us have lives that are extremely busy, work/studies, home life, socializing, hobbies, volunteering and so on. It means we are often multitasking and this kind of life can for some become a problem to their mental health and physical health. Anxiety, stress, lack of sleep, stomach problems, tension and depression. Living in such a way can dampen levels of both serotonin and dopamine in the brain, the neurotransmitters that make us feel good. It is what leads to feeling less of an enjoyment in life and is a common thing in people with depression.

Both Yoga in Brick and meditation can help with these problems. They are mindful and holistic options where you use asana - physical movements, pranayama - breathing, dhyana - meditation and savasana - relaxation to create more awareness and intimacy of your environment and your own internal landscape. It is self-soothing and quiets the nervous system, lowering stress responses and decreasing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.

There are similarities and differences between Yoga and meditation

There is no doubt that there are both similarities and differences between Yoga and meditation in Brick. They are used interchangeably in many situations and for some mindful Yoga is just another form of meditation. Mindfulness refers to maintaining attention on something in particular as you meditate or perform Yoga, such as your breathing, a mantra or the like. The emphasis when you do this is to focus on the positive thoughts and let go of the negative ones. You might do this in a quiet space with closed eyes, the more traditional opinion of what meditation looks like, but you might also do it during a Yoga class or while taking a walk.

What you might think of the main difference is the physical aspect of Yoga moving from one pose to another staying connected in the moment. At the same time doing Yoga in Brick people can also become more flexible, get rid of stiffness, gain physical strength and balance.


Yoga and meditation in Brick can both help with clearing away uncomfortable thoughts and focusing on the present. With mindful meditation, you learn to disengage from critical thinking about yourself and have better clarity. While this should not replace seeing your doctor and specialist they can both or either be used alongside to help with your mental health.

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