Most of us are probably feeling the powerful 2012 shift into the Aquarian age. In order to exist optimally within this confusing and extraordinarily powerful shift we must understand what is happening within us, within the world, and also within the universe. When we are in tune, or able to unify, with the spirit of the times then we are able to encounter higher levels of connectedness, create positive shifts in consciousness and experience a kind of joy and love that brings forth rivers of gratitude from our hearts. Indeed, it is your birthright to live a happy and fulfilling life, but in order to do that you must be able to understand and shift within these extremely high frequencies elevating our humanity.

We have just come out of the Piscean age. This was a very dreamy, illusionistic and secretive time. It was a time of conformity, of lies, of hidden desires. We were afraid, or rather not ready, to live our true identities and thus, experiencing heavy repressions that manifested themselves in addictions, obsessions with sexuality and the denial of our true desires. In fact, this shift offers the perfect contrast to better understand the revelations available to us at this time. The Aquarian age, according to Hinduism, is a part of a dark age or the the Kal Yuga, the last age in a four part cycle believed to be over in 2025. So as one Age ends and another dawns it is impossible to deny the shifting and ever changing infrastructure that we have clung to since birth. This time holds many vices, an explosion of technology, and incredibly fast-paced innovations in every field of study. The previous four Ages laid the groundwork for this time of corruption, greed, narcissism and selfishness. What the time of Aquarius offers to this daunting reality is a unit of consciousness that has never before been as accessible and as clear for human beings. In the past, ancient rituals, yogic techniques and secret knowledge were hidden away by the few that were graced with the secrets of the universe. They were guarded by all costs for fear of delivering to humanity the invaluable knowledge that the human is part of the most powerful forces in the universe as a result of their ability to experience consciousness. In this Age, these secrets are no longer hidden, but exist as an actual and integral part of your consciousness.

The spirit of the times incorporates a couple of key elements that we will explore to understand our placement within within this transition. The first is clarity, or Truth. While I mentioned that confusion is still prominent in these times, it is only so, inasmuch as we are experiencing greater internal struggles that are forcing us to face ourselves. While some of us are not yet prepared to deal with these forces of change and responsibility, those that are can reap the golden thread of wisdom embedded deeply within their intuitive feelings and expanded thinking. Those of us that are vibrating at the level of fear are much more confused and resistant to the so-called trials and tribulations that they're facing within their relationships, careers or health. These trials are actually opportunities to experience a total shift in consciousness and therefore, an alternate reality. A reality where one has expanded their thinking and accepted the responsibility of doing the necessary healing work, is a reality that completely coincides and merges with the spirit of the times. It is actually impossible to deny or hide our feelings and desires at this time; by their nature they take center stage and command your full attention.

The second element offered to us by this age is amplification. Everything we are feeling or thinking will be experienced by us at a much deeper and more potent level, but most importantly at a much more universal level. What this means is that what you think and feel is being felt by everyone. Now, not everyone processes these energies the same way, which is why you will find some individuals dealing with these frequencies much differently. Those vibrating at higher vibrations of love, joy and peace can actually transmit, or transmute these energies by directing them towards very particular causes. They are in a sense shifting negative vibrations and transforming their composition by their focus and will. Those that process these extremely powerful vibrations through their lower chakras, or more fear based emotions like control or force, anger and worry can expect to immediately feel a deeper sense of loss, pain and confusion. The different effects are just the results of how ONE energy is being processed. The highest use of this energy is the recognition of its power and the transmittance of its higher counterpart towards universal causes. At this level one lives in recognition of a higher purpose and does not submit to the slavery and confines of individuality.

The last force which we are equipped with in this Age, is a never before experienced momentum. It is fair to say that time has actually morphed out of its confines to deliver very specific and exact vibrations at a much more rapid rate. What this means is that any intention, project or endeavor that one undertakes will very quickly manifest the predominant vibrations in which it was conceived. Nothing can or will interfere with those principal objectives and thus, we will see results and experience the effects of our thinking and actions much more quickly. As a result it will be much easier for us to gain the drive, clarity and motivation necessary for the conception of our desires and goals, but concurrently we will feel much more pressure and stress to keep up with these extremely high and rapid frequencies. In order to keep up with the fast paced movements of time, we are being asked to prioritize, cultivate and develop a connection to our individual joy and happiness.

It is understandable that we are experiencing greater instances of insanity, depression or other mental disorders. Some of us are not prepared to process and develop these extremely volatile shifts. It is also fair to say that without a spiritual discipline of any kind we become greater and greater strangers to ourselves and slowly disconnect further and further from our path of peace and oneness with the earth and all of life. In fact, a global peace will be imminent with the openings in consciousness that this time has heralded. This is why it is so important for individuals to discipline their minds. For some this may come as a shift towards affirmative thinking, for others it may require building a strong physical foundation of health and vitality, but meditation and deep breathing is free to all and one of the single most powerful techniques to clear away the cobwebs of the mind and assimilate the spirit of the times. Yogic techniques have used prana, or breath, to uncoil the stagnant ways if thinking and bring forth an alertness and wisdom from within. I encourage all readers to look into various forms of yoga like Kundalini and cultivate a daily meditation practice to make your life not just manageable and enjoyable, but also purposeful.

Author's Bio: 

Kasia Jarosinska is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor and writer living in San Diego, CA. She has been published in local lifestyle magazines, Eco-living publications and international fashion magazines. She is currently working on her first book, Sustainable Thinking.