Just prior to the Solstice last week, and days before leaving for France, I opened the Records of Abundance. There were 2 very important messages about this topic from the Keepers of the Akashic Records.

Firstly, that Abundance is totally available to anyone at any time. (Take that in. It may blow your mind.) Over and over, the Keepers repeated, like a mantra, that “The Universe always brings you exactly what you need.“

And secondly, that what most people refer to as abundance is really excess, and excess isn’t what you should be going for. Having too much (excess) is out of alignment, just as being in lack is. It’s an imbalance.

Think of the cornucopia—the Horn of plenty: plenty can mean “enough” (“I’ve got plenty, thanks”) or quite a lot (we’ll unpack this idea more below; it has to do with gratitude). Abundance isn’t about having more than you need.

Abundance is exactly what you need. So if you’re experiencing the sensation of scarcity or lack, it’s because that’s what you’re asking for or what you need.

When you are sitting in a place that feels like lack, it’s still exactly what you need or are asking for. There’s really no such thing as lack: it’s always exactly what you need: for example, it could be a lesson or an experience that your soul desires.

This message is particularly relevant during a time of traditional gift-giving. In the West, gift-giving has evolved from expressions of plenty and celebration to something more akin to either showing off or obligation.

Neither one of these is an expression of abundance.

If you give a gift to impress, that’s coming from a space of scarcity (i.e., you lack confidence in yourself as “enough”), and it cannot help but create more scarcity. The same thing is true of gifts from a sense of obligation, which both come from and create more scarcity.

True gift-giving is a selfless expression of generosity and gratitude, and comes from a place of abundance, not scarcity. If you have to give a gift out of obligation, there’s a lack of love for you on your part, and on the part of the person who may be requiring you to give a gift you can’t afford.

When you give generously, and without a sense of obligation, this is where true abundance is located. Giving generously actually attracts more stuff to give or to keep!

If you look at the abundance of what you DO want that is available, and are grateful for it, more of that will come your way.

Dissatisfaction begets dissatisfaction, and gratitude begets gratitude (via abundance).

Gratitude and abundance are very much linked, in case you didn’t know. They’re like triplet sisters, along with generosity. They’re the same, yet separate.

Every time you turn on the golden light of gratitude in your heart, more of that which you need will come to you.

Here’s an interesting paradox of abundance. The definition of abundance may appear broad: both “just exactly enough” and “lots of stuff.”

Yet, when you are in a place of gratitude, the same amount feels like MORE.

In a 3-D world, it’s the same—same quantity, same quality. And yet, when you are infused with the spiritual (5-D) energies of Gratitude or generosity, the “same thing” feels like more: more of what it is, or more delicious, more soothing, more {add your own adjective here}. Nifty, huh?

Gratitude opens up MORE. More space—for love, for generosity, for abundance, for more gratitude. It makes everything in life feel better.

That’s the true nature of abundance. The “same” feels like more.

Come back next week for the next half of the message on abundance to take you in to the new year of 2013.

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