So, last week I did a Live Channeling of the Akashic Records of Control and Surrender. It blew my mind, and the minds of everyone on the call. Here are some important gleanings:

If you are struggling—with anything—it’s because your Ego-brain is exerting too much control. Take this in. It’s a real paragidm-shifter! I’ll say it again: if you have been struggling with anything at all, it’s because you are trying to control the situation, and we humans do not actually control anything but ourselves. What have you been struggling with? The behavior of a partner, child, or colleague? Your finances? Not enough time? The solution is to LET GO and let the Universe or your Guides or your Higher Self take care of it. Because that’s what was going to happen anyway.

Our human perspectives are really limited. We often get “stuck” because we think a certain situation is turning out badly. Well, folks, there is nothing bad about it; it’s just that we’re not yet to the end of the situation yet! It’s being handled, so you can let go.

Trust + surrender (these are the same thing) are synonymous with Love, and are the domains of the Divine Universe. Conversely, control + struggle (there are the same thing) are synonymous with fear, and are the domain of the ego. If you want to give up struggling in your life, give up the illusion of control; it’s not like you were really controlling anything anyway (this is an illusion/delusion created by our minds).

There’s a big difference between Giving Up and Letting Go. Giving up takes you to one of the lowest possible energetic frequencies: to despair, located way on the fear end of the spectrum. Surrender, on the other hand, means giving your struggle away, not giving it up. Surrender means trusting the Divine Universe to take care of the situation. In other words: moving to a place of Love, not fear. By the way, this is what was happening all along! The difference is now you are no longer living under the delusion that if you don’t keep all the balls in the air, no one will. Whew! Isn’t that a relief?

If you are on the Path to Enlightenment, you can’t be in a place of control. Conversely, if you are trying (struggling) to control something, you’re not even on the Path! You’ve actually stepped off the Path into a dark, bramble-filled forest where you can’t find your way out until you reconnect with the Universe and surrender the struggle. The interesting thing about this is that in that magical moment of realizing the way out (trust + letting go), you not only get yourself back on the Path, but further along it, because you’ve learned something important about how things work.

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