Have you have ever wondered as to your soul’s purpose, why you are here? The Book of Life will provide the answers.

I remember clearly the first time I intentionally accessed the Akashic records. I went to look for details in my life at a time when I was feeling stuck. I had clear questions I wanted answering: was I ever going to get married and to whom? Trotting off up there in meditation, I was not expecting any real answers. I was experimenting but I did want to know the answers to my questions.

To my surprise, I received the information I was seeking. Some would call it chance; others could say it was my sub-conscious providing the information. Whatever the explanation was, intentionally accessing the Akashic Records had given me precisely what I was looking for.

The Akasha is an area of consciousness that many of us have heard of but cannot quite fathom. Akasha simply means ‘space’. It is a sanskrit word which refers to empty space not being empty at all. It suggests that the wide open space of nothingness is actually alive with information and communication.

So what are the Akashic Records? They are the Universe’s etheric database in which all records are kept regarding the past, present and probable future, determined by our thoughts, actions and interactions with the rest of creation. These records act as the central storehouse for the entire history of every soul since the beginning of creation.

This universal filing system contains every word, thought, deed and action. The records are impressed upon a subtle substance called the akasha. According to Hindu mysticism, the akasha is the primary principle of nature from which the natural principles of earth, air, fire and water are created. These five principles follow on to represent the five senses of the human being. The akasha is really a collection of all possible forms of energy, from the material to the psychic and spiritual, from which universal creation grows from Divine impulse.

The Akashic Records have also been referred to as ‘The Book of Life’ in many religious and cultural traditions. It has no sense of time and distance. It is a state of ‘is’.

It is possible for anybody to go and look at their records through guided meditation. It takes a little bit of time to get used to looking. Sometimes if you are not ready you won’t be able to see the text in the book of your lifetime. You can also view other’s books. If it is not right for you to see the record, you will find the book isn’t available to you. Other than that, you can look at all sorts of things, including what you are here to learn and why certain events or people are or have been in your life. You can begin to understand something that didn’t make sense previously.

In case you are wondering:

I am now very happily married to the person whom I vaguely knew at the time and who at that time was the last person I expected to be presented at the Akashic Records.

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