Do you know how to turn your biggest pain into pleasure? No without drugs, alcohol, sex or your favorite diversional high. How can that be done?

Do you really want to know? Interesting isn’t it we want to believe that magicians can turn lead into gold but we don’t hold ourselves to the same Gold standards.

Okay come with me on this little journey. Are you willing to turn your trash into treasures? If yes you stay if no you go

Have you heard that the truth is simple? Me too and yet it seems the farthest thing from easy so often. Well this truth is easy and yet you must do it for it to work.

I want you close your eyes yes only after reading the directions

Close your eyes. On your own Imax screen I want you to see your biggest fear, make it so big it does not fit in the Universe. See it in all it’s horrific aspects, see the color, feel the terror it strikes in you, notice what part of your body this feeling overtakes and now I want you to laugh at it. Yes laugh loudly, flakily, just laugh and keep laughing for 3-5 minutes straight. Laugh loudly,
let the laugh get bigger and wilder than the fear. Keep Laughing Allow the laughter to expand. What will happen you tell me and I will know if you have done it by your answer.

Let me know what happened to your fear. Yes that big, huge thing.

I will tell you fear wants to be taken seriously. It owns you and when you dishonor it by laughing it runs away in shame. Will this solve all your difficult situations in life? No BUT it will give you clarity.

When you are clear you can see other solutions to your challenge. When you are clear you are not paralyzed, You can act. You can use your fear as fodder. For your biggest weakness is just the flip side of your biggest strength.

Apply this to all fear in your life. Courage is the application of your heart to a situation. Fear closes us down. Laughter opens us up. Want up laugh even when you don’t want to.


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