The area of health is perhaps one of the most fascinating areas of study and engagement in the world today. As the world awakens to the importance of eating healthy and the desperate need to lose weight it appears more and more theories are surfacing on how best to achieve these goals. Along with it are a plethora of products that are aimed at helping people lose weight as well as achieve a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy. All in all these developments cannot be said to be negative. However as always as in this case there are many who take advantage amongst those who mean well.

One of the fascinating debates going on amongst nutritionists and dietitians today is that involving the importance of an alkaline diet. In fact there is an entire sound and getting stronger movement that is promoting the pursuit of an alkaline diet. On the other hand there is an entire industry that is standing strong against the advancement of this alkaline diet movement. By way of background an alkaline diet is one that discourages the consumption of certain foods on the basis that they increase the acidity in our bodies.

This essentially means avoiding a diet that is high in acid-producing foods which is thought to lead to metabolic imbalance. The body tends to get ill as it tries to regain the imbalance lost due to acidity through the loss of important minerals. Many of the foods that are excluded from an alkaline diet according to its proponents initially look harmless on the out side. However once ingested they become acidic through the digestive reactions in the stomach.

Under this diet consumption of dairy products, certain fruits, fats and oils is discouraged including that of beans and legumes. Instead there is strong emphasis on the consumption of certain fresh fruits and vegetables and some nuts and legumes. These are essentially known as alkaline foods and by consuming them you reduce the risk of certain cancers, heart disease and hypertension amongst a long list of chronic diseases. According to many teachings on how to eat healthy, this approach is partially correct.

The opposition to alkaline diet essentially emanates from the fact that those on the other side argue that by concentrating only on the consumption of so called alkaline foods deliberately deny the body important elements integral to a healthy living. For example, banned dairy products are rich in calcium, certain discouraged fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and important phytonutrients, beans and legumes are a good source of fiber which fiber is need by our bodies for a healthy gastrointestinal system apart from being important for heart health.

The alkaline debate appears set to continue as many dietitians are convinced that there is no certain way to make our blood or bodies more alkaline based on what we eat. The body works in a complex manner to be easily influenced by what we ingest. Therefore the body's pH is not easy to change nor can it be achieved. Scientifically it is also argued that there is little scientific evidence to support the usefulness pf an alkaline diet apart from the known benefits of eating certain fruits and veggies in wellness.

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