The French language has often dubbed the language of romance. Its beauty lies in the enunciation of its words which tend to just melt in the mouth! This is one of the reasons why it is still a highly opted foreign language in Britain. France is one of the most visited countries in the world. Various aspirants from all over the world, intend to learn and master the French language. However, it is interesting to note that at the time of the French revolution, a majority of the French population did not speak the language as their mother tongue. The English language has in fact borrowed quite a few words from French. The popularity of the language is usually credited to its pronunciation and diction. This obsession with the language that has caught the world by a storm is why colleges offer French courses for beginners. It also has its practical uses in that it opens up the avenues to the rich literature and helps one understand the essence of the culture.

The French influence in Trinidad

The French settlement in the islands on Trinidad and Tobago is credited with planting the roots of French influence in these islands. The local languages were mixed with French and birthed what was known as ‘patios’, a mixture of French and existing local languages. Continuing bilateral relations between France and Trinidad led to the establishment of the Trinidad embassy in France. This further solidified the French influence in Trinidad. Thus, taking up a French course for beginners is a way of connecting with the past, and tasting the history of Trinidad whilst in the 21st century.

Why should one take a French course?

Language can very well be picked up by an individual on their own, however, it cannot be denied that formal and structured teaching is the most efficient way to master a language. French courses for beginners are strategically planned so as to ensure that the students are first introduced to the language and its script. Then comes vocabulary, pronunciation, usage and finally holding conversations in French. Students are trained in grammar, syntax, use of the right words in the right context, framing sentences and a whole lot more in the course of the program. If you are looking to learn the language it is in your best interest, to enroll in a language course as it is both time-efficient and covers every aspect of usage of the language.

How are assessments carried out?

Assessments are the best way to test one’s proficiency in the language. The assessments analyze your graph from the beginning of the course to the end. French courses for beginners carry out assessments on a regular basis and are both oral and in written form. Continuous assessment keeps one constantly aware of the progress made.

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Ravi Ragoonath is an Executive Director at CTS College of Business and Computer Science Ltd. Ravi writes about education topics. To the students, he is a coach, a mentor, and a friend. To his staff, he is creative, innovative and extremely positive. In this article, he is talking about the French language beginners course.