All of us love traveling and exploring new countries and places. Yet we always struggle to find the time and more often than not, we don’t get to travel as much as we’d like. Traveling is great for the soul, it opens our hearts to new and adventurous things, and we meet some amazing people and learn so much more. In a survey conducted recently on old people who were nearing their death, they asked a few of them what they regretted about life the most and almost all of them responded saying they regretted not having travelled more. It is hard sometimes to find the time to travel with work and managinga home, but try your best to find time to explore new places so that you don’t grow old with the same regret.

1. The Exposure to Different Environments Boosts Your Immune System

Scientist have discovered that traveling more can actually help build your immune system up. Apparently the more you travel and expose yourself to different things, the more your body discovers new bacteria and this could in turn make your gut stronger. That isn’t to say however that you shouldn’t maintain good personal hygiene when traveling, you still need to wash your hands and keep clean. But a few new germs along the way isn’t such a bad thing after all.

2. Take Control of Your Stress Levels

Another scientifically proven term is that traveling does indeed make you happier. It also lowers your chance of depression and helps you really relax. Research found that about three days after travel people said they felt well relaxed, in good spirits and not so very anxious. Better yet these feelings were said to have lasted a few weeks as well, how impressive!

3. Expand Your Brain Potential

Apparently traveling really does improve your knowledge. When you meet different people and cope with various situations, you start to become more aware of the global and cultural aspects countries have to offer. This is awesome for your overall health as all the emotions increase your cognitive flexibility. It has been proven that travel connects you, helps you become more creative, gives you a greater sense of ethnic values and lets you evolve into a greater being. Also people who choose to study and work abroad show to be more stable and open minded.

4. Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

Since venturing to unknown places causes us to stress less and be happier, heart diseases remain at bay. Plus since your relaxing and taking that well deserved break, your stress levels chill out as well. Which might be why a study proved that women and men who travelled at least once a year are a lot less prone to heart failure and diseases.

5. Stay in Shape

Nothing like walking around stretching those muscles. Even though travel does require you to sit long hours on a plane, it also gives you plenty of chances at being active. Our main focus for traveling is of course to see new places and try different things, which is why people invest tons of money into it.So be sure to try a new activity, walk around as much as possible and take a hike to experience all those beautiful places. Besides even if you were just planning to lay on the beach, walking around on the sand will get your muscles working twice as much.

6. Discover Natural Healing Remedies

Just like discovering new places and people, travel helps us stumble upon natural healing properties that others have never even heard of. Some of which are natural hot springs that are said to soak in all of Mother Nature’s goodness and help increase your longevity, lower stress levels, relieve pain and improve the condition of your skin. If you’re into energy vortexes they exist as well, be it in water, electricity or wind you can stumble upon them in various places. These specific places where all the Earth’s power meets andthen transits it into rejuvenating, healing and calming properties. Some of the well-known places where these vortexes exist are the stonehenge, Egyptian pyramids and Sedona.

7. Live A More Fulfilling and Happy Life

Be it just traveling around your own country or flying overseas it does enhances your life expectancy rate. Because traveling gives us a new sense of being, reduces are worries and stress, keeps us healthy and boosts our immune system, which in turn provides us with better health and a better chance at living the fun way.

8. Value Your Home More

Travel lets us evaluate and appreciate the things we have in life a lot more. When we find ourselves in places that have very few luxuries like water and electricity, it makes us value what we have a whole lot more. The exposure to people in unfortunate situation and living in bad conditions yet smiling through it all, show us true value and inspires us to lend a helping hand.

9. Familiarity in Others

As we journey to different places we do learn more about people and their cultures but we also learn just how similar we are. Traveling lets us understand the common needs we share with people around the world and this helps us grow to accept and appreciate people more, irrespective of their background.

Author's Bio: 

Hey! I`m Kadir TUNCEL. I finished SAU (University of Sakarya ) with a specialization in International Relation 5 years ago. Now I live in Istanbul and practice skills received there. I love to share my experiences. Also, I`m interested in traveling. My dream is to get 8 hours of sleep every day.