Is there really a safe acne treatment that really works? Yes there is. In fact, this natural acne treatment has actually been around for centuries. Brought to the western worlds's attention by Dr Oz this acne treatment is based on the amazing skin healing properties of pure Tamanu Oil and is getting rave reviews.

Tamanu Oil is a natural oil extracted by cold pressing the oil out of the nuts of the Tamanu Tree and has been a closely guarded secret of the Melanesian people of Vanuatu for centuries. This ‘miracle oil’ is a traditional remedy that can be used on almost any skin ailment with incredible results. The key to the effectiveness of Tamanu Oil is its extraordinary ability to promote the regeneration of new tissue (the scientific name for this is "cicatrisation"), encouraging rapid repair and the development of healthy skin.

Research into the Tamanu Tree reveals remarkable medicinal qualities, not only in relation to the oil extract, but even the leaves of this exotic and native plant species. Tamanu Oil is a South Pacific powerhouse in the super oil stakes that is so remarkable that it is fast becoming a "must-have" item in every bathroom cabinet.

In indigenous cultures like the Ni Vanuatu, Tamanu Oil has long been considered a sacred gift from nature for skin protection and healing. When Tamanu oil is scientifically scrutinized it does indeed justify its “sacred” reputation. It offers fast and dramatic results through its multi-dimensional skin support for acne sufferers.

The oil absorbs quickly and is fast acting. It works on all skin types from dry scaly skin to oily skin. Putting this oil onto oily skin will not make the person’s skin condition worse, as is the first thought most people have. There is a misconception that oil is not suitable for oily skin, yet Tamanu Oil works well on this skin type because of the fatty acids and a PH within the normal range of our own sebum (the oil produced naturally by our bodies to protect our skin). It does not add to the oiliness of a person’s skin, rather the oil absorbs quickly and allows the skin to breathe.

This is not to say that Tamanu Oil alone is the key. Volcanic Earth has put out two acne repair kits that incorporate the use of pure Tamanu Oil to treat acne. The first one is their Fix Acne Fast (Facial Repair Kit) which is made up of 5 separate items. These are products that are all completely free of any chemicals or artificial preservatives or colorings and they include:-

1. a facial cleanser:
2. a toner;
3. an exfoliant;
4. a facial moisturizer; and
5. a 12ml Roll On of pure Tamanu Oil.

The exfoliant is Volcanic Earth’s Honey & Pumice Exfoliant and it performs a vital function in their facial acne treatment, particularly for those acne sufferers with very oil skin. The micro-fine volcanic pumice acts as an exfoliant to open the blocked pores and then the very dry pumice acts to draw out the harmful bacteria and toxins that cause acne to flourish. It is mild enough to use every day but the recommended use is 3 times a week.

Another key element is the facial moisturizer because of its high component of Tamanu Oil. While the debate rages as to whether a moisturizer should be used for oily acne skin, the fact is that using this all natural facial moisturizer in conjunction with the Honey & Pumice Exfoliant works for everyone.

The 12ml Tamanu Oil Roll On bottle is straight Tamanu Oil. It's small and compact - handy to take to school, work, college etc. The interesting aspect about the oil in the treatment of acne is that the more often you use it, the quicker the results. That doesn't mean you should overdo it but applying it once or twice throughout the day, rather than just morning and night, can really speed up the recovery process. The Roll On is refillable so don't throw it away when it's empty - just grab yourself a 50ml or 135ml bottle and top it back up.

When it comes to Acne, a very real concern for many teenagers and young adults is the risk of acne scarring. This is often permanent and can have a devastating effect on the sufferer's self esteem and self image. The good news is that pure Tamanu Oil works on existing acne scars and is especially effective in the prevention of acne scarring. You may also find that Tamanu Oil will remove other minor skin blemishes (if any) in the process.

The other Volcanic Earth acne kit is their Fix Acne Fast (Body Perfect Pack which is for use on larger areas to attack widespread back acne, shoulder acne and chest acne.

This Acne Solutions Kit includes:-

1. Pure Tamanu Oil 12ml Roll-On (Refillable)
2. Pure Tamanu Oil 50ml Bottle
3. Tamanu Butter
4. Tamanu Oil Soap
5. Honey & Pumice Body Exfoliant

While you can use straight Tamanu Oil on large scale acne, it is rather strong-smelling and may have a drying effect on the skin. To counteract this, Volcanic Earth developed their Tamanu Butter. This is 60% pure Tamanu Oil, combined with Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter and Papaya Oil. It is equally as effective to get rid of Acne but moisturizes large areas at the same time and is not as strong smelling. The 12ml Roll On is included for low level facial acne (and minor skin blemishes). While the Honey & Pumice is a facial exfoliant it is still the best body exfoliant for acne sufferers to use for these larger areas as well. The Tamanu Oil Soap is 100% pure Tamanu Oil and Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Like the Tamanu Butter, this cleansing soap is all natural and as with any acne treatments it is extremely important to always wash your hands thoroughly before applying any product to your face or body.

Always check for allergens before using any products. While Tamanu Oil is not one of the known allergens, occasionally you do find people who are allergic to it.

These 2 acne repair kits from Volcanic Earth incorporate the Dr Oz natural cure for acne - the now famous Vanuatu Tamanu Oil which you can buy direct from Volcanic Earth ( Their acne treatment kits have helped many people get rid of acne naturally. Will you be the next?

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Barry Roche is an established writer and author. He is also a partner and the Export Manger of Volcanic Earth - a Vanuatu-based manufacturer of naturl skin care products focussing on common skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema on the hands or face,acne scarring, anti-aging and more. He can be contacted by email at: and the company's global website can be found at