Who Qualifies For The American Dream?

In America we have many symbols for the freedoms we enjoy, such as the bald eagle, the American flag, the liberty bell, and the American dream.

In 1931, James T. Adams defined the American dream as,"life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement, regardless of social class or circumstances of birth."

Since the beginning, people have come to America from all over the world seeking religious and personal freedoms, as well as independence, equality, opportunity and prosperity. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as the Declaration of Independence so eloquently sets forth.

It was understood that with hard work, anyone could find prosperity in America. We were the rough and rugged with a can-do spirit and endless possibilities. So, what happened?

The road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it's possible to achieve the American dream. - Tommy Hilfiger

bald eagleWhere Has All The Vision Gone?

The industrial revolution changed the way Americans saw opportunity and prosperity. Opportunity became working for someone else rather than starting their own businesses.

Interestingly, immigrants still had the vision for entrepreneurship that Americans seemed to be moving away from, and they continued to come with dreams of greatness and hope.

Today, America is still seen as the place to go for freedom and opportunities not found anywhere else in the world.

However, the internet has started a new entrepreneurial revolution that is transforming the idea of a single locale providing the source for a prosperous lifestyle.

I am living proof that the American dream still exists. It is still alive and well. There is only one trick, you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and work very, very hard. - Paula Deen

The Internet Gives People New Expectations

There are new industries being born from the internet almost every day! Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve!

People are becoming inspired to birth dreams, pursue their passions, and have vision again. The American Dream is morphing to become the Internet Dream.

Lifestyle entrepreneurship is a new term defined as,

An individual that creates a business with the purpose of altering their personal lifestyle and not for the sole purpose of making profits. A lifestyle entrepreneur focuses more on the life rewards provided to people that enjoy and have a passion for what they are doing. There is a possibility that the business will do particularity well since the individual has a passion for what he/she is doing.

images (1)The internet is the perfect vehicle for anyone looking to become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur because of the flexibility and freedom of working anywhere in the world you can access an internet connection, as well as being able to connect with people worldwide.

The beauty of the internet revolution is that anyone with a good work ethic, a little knowledge, and some seed money can build anything from a small online business to subsidize the income from your job, to a worldwide multi-million dollar business.

I am the American Dream. I am the epitome of what the American Dream basically said. It said you could come from anywhere and be anything you want in this country. That's exactly what I've done. - Whoopi Goldberg

The internet has allowed us to extend our hands to other countries and say, "it is now possible to pursue the American dream from wherever you are!" Pull the dream to you!

What an amazing time in history we live in. Technology has brought new life to the dream of independence, freedom and creativity. The ability to take hold of these things and build our own lifestyle is our inheritance. Let us as Americans not squander it, but more, let's share it with the world and impact not only our economy, but the world economy in a meaningful way.

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I am passionate about business and anything entrepreneurial. I believe that small businesses of all kinds are the foundation of this country. I have, in fact, owned a brick & mortar business, and am now mastering internet marketing which I can do from home, at my pace.