As many as sixty-two million people, in this country alone, suffer from the condition called insomnia. Even those that have not been diagnosed with the sleeping disorder are not necessarily familiar with proper sleeping habits. Though eight hours of sleep per night has been the recommended amount for years, it is estimated that only thirty-five percent of Americans abide by it. That means that there are millions of people in this country, at any given time, who are exhausted and in need of a pick-me-up. Energy bars are able to offer just that.


This condition is simply defined by a person who has lasting difficulty falling- or staying asleep at night. It can last for short periods of time, coming and going, or can become a chronic condition that equates to endless nights of too little sleep. As one can imagine, insomnia can result in severe problems for the diagnosed individuals. Daily activities, such as driving, working, or even performing simple household chores, will certainly be bigger challenges as the mind and body try to perform at inadequate energy levels and the person will be left to crave sleep at all moments of the day – completely destroying concentration. The condition can be caused by poor lifestyle habits, such as going to bed at different times each evening, watching television in bed, or consuming too many stimulants throughout the day. It can also be a result of mental issues, such as depression, anxiety, and excess stress.

Energy Bars Packed with a Boost

Caffeine in the form of organic coffee beans and sweet dark chocolate, omega-3 fatty acids for increased cognitive ability and protein to provide lasting energy are among the many benefits found in energy bars. High counts of vitamins C, D, and E are commonly found in energy bars as well. They can help rid the body of toxins that add to the feeling of sluggishness. In addition, vitamin D, which is also found in the sun’s rays is linked to healthy body weight, improved cognition later in life, and helps the immune system to fight off illness.

Sleep Easier with Energy Bars

While many forms of energy bars will include various types of caffeine, there are others that are better for consumption after the lunch hour. They utilize essential nutrients, vitamins (including those already mentioned), and other non-caffeinated means of energy. The gentle boost in these types of energy bars can help a person function more efficiently during the day, but will not interfere with one’s ability to fall asleep in the late evening. After all, sleep is the best way to improve energy levels. Energy bars are just meant to be a second line of defense – providing boosts at, or between meals.

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