Astrology is one of the oldest para-sciences to have survived to this day. A technique that is intertwined with the astral forces, the elements, and nature itself, it is subject replete with mystical knowledge and ancient wisdom. Crystal ball, tarot cards, psychic reading, horoscope, numerology, everything falls under the purview of astrology. A colossal topic, astrology is a mix of knowledge and practices occurring within this specific area of knowledge. Today an astrologer in London wields this ancient knowledge to change the lives and fortunes of people.


The genesis of astrology is not precisely known but it is believed that the study of celestial movements and positions was something that the primitive people of some cultures came up with. The subject emerged from human’s need of finding a hidden order in the pervasive chaos of the universe. If you break up the word “horoscope”, it comes down to “time” and “observe”. That is what precisely astrology is, observation of the astral bodies at the time of birth. However, despite its insightfulness and accuracy, astrology is not science. That is because it deals with tendencies and inclinations than prognosis and detections. Astrology is largely modified based on the subjectivity of its practitioners. Whatever branch of it one practice, it came from the knowledge of what the ancient sages and believers call metaphysical tradition. It is what we know today as ancient wisdom. Astrology branched out of that wisdom and prevailed across cultures through centuries.

The Ancient Myths Surrounding the Constellations
The ancient man looked up at the sky and saw countless pinpricks of lights. Gazing for many years, they found that these stars formed patterns in the night sky, patterns that the Astro-scientists of today call constellations. Seeing the patterns emerge, they began to relate them to Gods and Goddesses, humans and animals, and mythical creatures. That is where the zodiac signs came from. Even to this day, the constellations are likened to more familiar shapes on earth in Zodiacs. There are poems about the stars and the moons, the birth of the universe, the deities who hold command over the planetary bodies. It is the ancient astrologers who lent mythical characters into the poems and prose, which bore significance to the lives on earth. The myths we read today are a result of the authors’ spark of imagination and eye for beauty and the astrologers’ genius. Astrology is the key to get ex-love back in London even when there was no chance of reconciliation.

Ancient Civilizations and Star Predictions

Evidence suggests that the Babylonians were the earliest practitioners of astronomy. Their people were the first to look at positions of stars and planets and predict fortunes through astronomy. They had stargazers amongst them who would watch the movements of the heavenly bodies as visible from earth. Based on these astronomical patterns of movement, they used to make predictions of seasons as well as events. That is how the correlation of celestial activities and our lives started. It is during their time that astrology and astronomy merged into one. The Mesopotamians too were familiar with this formula of prediction. They used to study omens to determine likely events in one’s life. We know this from their cuneiform tablets that have survived and salvaged by archeologists. The Mesopotamians have an eye for very specific stellar events like halos, lunar phases, eclipses and even planetary visibility to chart the nature of events. The Mesopotamians also studied weather events like shapes and formations of clouds, rain, thunder, and lightning, and even earthquakes looking for omens that may help them determine the future.

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