Many people when drinking turn into someone else. Some become more flirty, others laugh a lot, or fall asleep (That would be me), but quite a few become angry. Growing up in France, wine was the drink of choice. My next door neighbor was an angry drunk. He used to come home from the bar, and trash furniture while shouting obscenities. He did hit his wife as well, unfortunately. His daughter was terrified of him and until she was 12, was loosing bladder control at night. She was a bed wetter.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sees emotions has a major cause of illness and each emotion relates and affects an organ within the body. Also, if an organ is not functioning at its best, it may cause emotional behavior changes. It works either way, it's the chicken and the egg or in TCM, the Yin-Yang theory (all things are connected and related).

- According to TCM, the Liver system connects with the following: anger, irritability, rage, frustration, and impatience. The liver also corresponds to type A personality, the planner, the visionary, the goal setter, the one in control. All the emotions and personality traits above are not bad for your liver as long as they're not ruling your life. If you're a planner, it means you will be well prepared. But do you get upset (angry, irritable or frustrated) when things don't go according to plan? When you're not in control? Then it becomes an issue, and the body will be affected by physical symptoms. If you get irritable once in a while because someone cut you off on the road (I hate that), that's alright. But if you're constantly wanting to bite people's head off: Houston we have a problem!

- The symptoms showing an imbalance of the liver are: High Blood pressure, temporal headaches worse on stress, shoulder tension, insomnia (especially waking up between 1 and 3 am), red eyes, dizziness, blurred vision, weak joints, tremors, twitches & tics, spasms, ear ringing that comes and goes (high pitch), and for women at PMS time: tender breasts, bloating, and mood swings.
- If you're finding yourself constantly short fused or frustrated, and have a few of the above symptoms, then it's time to talk to your Acupuncturist and get your liver back in balance. Don't go jumping both feet first into a liver cleanse. Talk to a qualified professional first, as each individual is unique and needs specific attention to reach optimum health. Your liver may not necessary need to be cleared up, but strengthened instead.

- Liver Friends: Acupuncture, herbal medicine, and ways to relax (like reading, getting a massage, dancing, meditation...).
- Liver Foods: Lemon, watercress, celery, cucumber, cherries, black grapes, beets, asparagus, millet, fennel, flax seed oil.
- Liver Foes: Alcohol, over consumption of spicy foods, greasy processed foods, stress, repetitive work such as those leading to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and perfectionism.

Don't get angry, get help!

- According to TCM, the Kidneys system connect with the following: Fear (Irrational or not), phobias, anxiety, and a feeling of insecurity. A strong kidney system shows great motivation, will power and courage and trust. If you lack motivation or will power and have low self-esteem, or feel insecure, then according to TCM, your Kidneys are not totally balanced. Also the Kidneys system relates to the aging process and our constitution (Think DNA: somethings you cannot change and we cannot stop the aging process, we can only slow it down)

- The symptoms showing an imbalance of the Kidneys are:
bed wetting in children, incontinence in older adults, fertility issues (for men or women), fatigue, insomnia, sweating when nervous or at night, low bone density, loose teeth, lack of focus, poor memory, constant ear ringing (Low pitch), and grey hair or balding at an early age.
- If you child is wetting her bed, look for a fear base cause (maybe bullying at school). If you are constantly fearful, dreading events, lack motivation, talk to your acupuncturist or other qualified professional, and get help. Psychological help maybe necessary as well. Some past events maybe difficult to deal with on your own.

- Kidneys Friends: Acupuncture, herbal medicine, mineral supplements (Calcium, zinc...), Yoga, laughter, healthy wholesome diet, and anything that may slow down the aging process.
- Kidneys Foods: black sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts, wild salmon, sardines, bone marrow, quinoa, kidney beans, royal jelly.
- Kidneys Foes: Emotional shock (Bad news can turn someone's hair grey overnight), Physical shock (i.e.: car accident), people that lower your self-esteem, standing for hours very day (i.e: Security guard), Osteo-arthritis, lack of minerals (Calcium, magnesium), drugs (legal or illegal), anything that contributes to fast aging (anything in excess, stress...).

Forget the fear, get help!

And if you have questions about the above, feel free to contact me.
Clara Cohen
Port Moody & Coquitlam Acupuncturist

Author's Bio: 

She is a graduate of the International College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Vancouver, where she completed a 5 year program to become a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been a B.C. registered Acupuncturist since 2003 with CTCMA, and focuses mainly in gynecology and mental health. She has been part of the Port Moody & Coquitlam Acupuncture community for many years.
She has treated successfully uterus cancer, ovarian cysts & fibroids, dysmenorrhea, fertility issues, anxiety, depression, insomnia and much more…

Clara Cohen is currently teaching at the Boucher Institure of Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster, as well as at The International TCM College of Vancouver and enjoying every minute of it. She also keeps taking seminars and workshops on natural health to further improve her knowledge and to help her patients with their healing process.

Clara recently was a presenter at 2 conferences. She spoke at the 2011 BCNA conference and talked about Chinese Medicine and fertility. She was also a speaker at the first Cancer Symposium presented by the Boucher Institute in February 2011, about the benefits of Chinese medicine as part of cancer treatments.