Initially JavaScript evolved as a general client-side scripting framework and programming language. However, with the advent of technology has become significant in Web portal development as a prominent web programming language. In the same industry it has come a long way.

JavaScript framework has also given birth to some incredible frameworks like angular, NODEJS, etc. The popularity of both frameworks has skyrocketed to a dynamic level like no other framework has ever experienced. Let us explore more about the same.

Framework Of AngularJS

The ANGULAR framework is a highly popular JavaScript framework developed by Google in the year 2009. It is maintained and backed with Google as well as the community of passionate AngularJS development companies. The angular framework has also gained 3rd most preferred web framework over the internet. This framework has a model view of whatever architecture which makes the development of applications convenient. This architecture also helps the developers to create data-driven highly interactive front hand web applications. This makes it suitable for front end JavaScript development as of today. It is mostly used for creating single-page applications as well as applications having separable functional layers.

The key features of this framework are as follows:

Model View Controller (MVC) Framework

Angular framework is integrated with an easy to use and dynamic model view controller framework. This makes it easy for developers to create client-side web applications without any hassle.

Model View Whatever (MVW) Architecture

Having an MVC framework AngularJS is composed of a model view whatever architecture. This allows developers to manipulate or remodel the DOM to update the data or app as required. The same fact has accelerated the requirement to Hire Angular JS developer across the app development companies.

Easy To Use

Angular framework can be easily coupled with DOM manipulation from the applications which make it all time easy to implement and use the JavaScript framework as compared to other models.

Plain Old Javascript Objects (POJO) Model

considering the functions of this model, Angular is self-sufficient and offers well-organized objects and logic naturally to the developers.

Framework Of NODE JS

NODE JS framework is used to create applications faster and under highly-scalable networks. The Node JS development company highly uses this framework to scale up the applications based on real-time event-driven technology. NODE JS is based upon a nonblocking input-output model and it goes through single-threaded asynchronous structural programming. NODE JS framework is developed using JavaScript is an open-source and cross-platform framework. it enables the developers to write multiple server-side scripting coding with absolute efficiency. It is an ideal framework for creating data-intensive, server-side, and highly scalable applications.

The key features of this framework used by a number of Node JS development company are as follows:

Open Source

NODE JS framework is free and open-source for all the users. The developers can easily download and use it.


This framework allows developers to perform a number of non-blocking operations. It also enhances the performance level of the web applications.

Server Development

NODE JS framework is laced with amazing inbuilt APIs through which the developers can easily create different types of servers such as the DNS server, TCP server, HTTP server, and more.


The developers can easily increase the scalability object application in a horizontal or vertical way as required. This parameter helps to improvise the web application performance. This feature is considered for the PWA development company as well.

Angular And NODE JS In a Nutshell

Both frameworks are written in JavaScript and open source. However, NODE JS is used to create server-side applications and angular is used to develop isomorphic web applications. It is the same reason for which they are highly dominant across the PWA development company. Other than the front-end development these frameworks are capable of developing complex applications under their domain. They have a high availability of concept allowance and allow integrating the updates into the system without downtime.

These frameworks have dramatically changed to the phase of web development with time. Most essentially they guarantee the scalability, flexibility, unavailability of the solutions without loopholes. Having the paradigm of request-response both of these frameworks offered to the connections in real-time.


Both Angular and NODE JS are open-source frameworks and their prime focus is to simplify the web application development process with the help of JavaScript. Their architecture and working model has an extension of similar features that can be used to create a number of diverse applications. This also created equal requirements for companies to Hire Angular JS developers and NODE JS developers in the same segment.

Given a choice to select any one of the frameworks it is important to prioritize the application requirements functionality. The fame words are highly promising and come with exciting options under their domain.

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