Why are anxiety disorders SO misunderstood?

Recent press and TV items about anxiety disorders including PTSD and OCD have sparked international anxiety recovery expert and author, Charles Linden, to speak out for people who sufferer like he once did about the massively damaging misapprehensions he has seen and heard in the media.

“I don’t know what infuriates me more, the charities who misinform the press about the true nature of these conditions and the 100% possible recoveries that sufferers make when they receive the correct advice, or the media for spreading dread, negativity and messages of hopelessness to people looking for a glimmer of hope in their anxiety ridden lives.” Charles Linden

Charles Linden and his team has helped well over 155,000 people worldwide since 1997 and is the author of titles including The Linden Method – Total Freedom From High Anxiety Conditions, Stress Free in 30 Days, Journey out of Agoraphobia and many DVDs and audio programmes. Charles is often seen on BBC TV and on radio and recently on Gok Wan’s TV show, curing 16 year old Kyle of his agoraphobia and panic attacks in just a couple of days. Charles is anxiety and stress adviser to the stars both here and in the USA where he works with and is an author with Hay House publishing alongside greats like Lousie Hay and Dr Wayne Dyer.

Charles employs a dedicated team of Anxiety Recovery Specialists who are BACP and BPS registered psychologists and psychotherapists who assist him to administer his programmes. Charles and his wife Beth also offer residential Retreats and Workshops and his programmes have been used by celebrities and hundreds of clients from around the world. The Retreats have been featured in The Times, Vogue America and many international magazines and newspapers and the feedback from attending clients is overwhelmingly positive.

“Anxiety, panic attacks, agoraphobia, OCD, Pure O and PTSD aren’t mental illness and they are certainly curable. The problem is that they are incorrectly categorised, misdiagnosed and mistreated every day across a broad spectrum of practices. I suffered once and I can tell you that they are 100% curable and quickly so. These charities and practitioners who say they are not are either misinformed or have a reason to deceive sufferers. Charities are businesses too and they rely on members who trust them. These conditions are simply the result of too much of the emotion of fear and there is, not only, a sound reason why some have the potential to suffer, whilst others don’t, but there is also a reason why sufferers are sealed into this self perpetuating cycle… a cycle that can be broken. It is time that someone takes notice of the recoveries that thousands have experienced when they get the correct treatment because the options generally available to sufferers, just don’t reach the spot. I think the thousands of testimonials we receive speak volumes. A recent TV program about PTSD featured many case studies and yet PTSD was not discussed. The people in question were clearly suffering from a depressive disorder, which PTSD is not. This kind of misinformation would lead PTSD sufferers to believe they are mentally ill and that PTSD could lead to suicide… this is just so damaging and inaccurate. We have never, in 15 years, had a client with PTSD commit suicide.” Charles Linden

The testimonials do, indeed, show that clients recovering. This puts into question the claims from so called ‘experts’ who state categorically that recovery is impossible.

Charles Linden

Author's Bio: 

Anyone who knows anxiety disorder as a sufferer or a carer will know the names Charles Linden and The Linden Method.

Charles' international reputation has blossomed over the last decade and now he is widely regarded as a world authority on anxiety conditions such as panic disorder, OCD, generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD.

Charles is Published by Hay House and is a TV presenter, TV and radio contributor, writes for newspapers and magazines around the world and is a regular contributor on Hay House radio and in the Hay House World Summit.

The Linden Method has been used by anxiety sufferers on every continent of the world in English, German, Danish and Spanish language versions.

Charles is author and contributor to a number of magazines, newspapers, radio programs and audio and DVD video series.

"If you believe that anxiety can't be cured, if you believe that it is something you have to learn to live with; I can assure you that you are totally wrong. Anxiety disorder is a maladjusted 'anxiety thermostat', we show you how to adjust it back down to 'normal' it couldn't be easier" Charles Linden

Charles Linden has, to date, provided anxiety elimination and lasting relief to 160,000+ clients from around the world. Born in the UK, Charles worked in visual media with a 5-year break during which he was unable to work due to the overwhelming anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and OCD that he himself suffered from and ultimately eliminated.

Charles has developed a wide range of anxiety elimination material including DVDs, CDs, manuals and Internet media and presents corporate and public seminars. Charles is in house expert for a number of influential newspapers, magazines and web sites and contributes to regular call in programs on a variety of radio stations.

Charles has helped many tens of thousands of sufferers including doctors, psychologists and psychiatrists, personalities from film and TV, singing stars and politicians but most rewarding of all are the young people that have been helped by his methods.

"It is possible to be anxiety free without inappropriate medication and psychotherapy... we just need the opportunity to prove it!"
Charles Linden