“We teach not for school but for life. We believe our children are talented and the pedagogic principles we apply must guide them to achieve their true potential”.

Established in 1994, The Apple International School is a mixed gender school located in Al Qusais, Dubai. It offers private primary and Middle school education (Foundation Stage to Year 10) with a UK based curriculum. To date, it has 2196 students, 130 teachers and 30 assistant teachers working at the school. The largest nationality student group is from Philippines but students from many Arab countries, India, Pakistan and Srilanka study harmoniously.

The Apple International School, as a multi-cultural and diverse learning organization aims to provide a learning environment which empowers students, staff and the community to maximize their personal, creative and academic potential in order to become lifelong learners and responsible world citizens.

Students here explore future career options to get a better insight of what they aspire to become. The school organizes ‘Meet a Pro’ sessions for students of year 9 and 10, where professionals from different walks of life share with students the demands and scopes of different professions.

Impeccable Leadership

Ms. Jaya Menezes is the Principal of The Apple International School. She joined AIS as the Vice Principal and was later promoted to the Principal’s position. For her, students and their well-being is at the center of all the activities at AIS.

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