The worst part of breaking up with your spouse and getting a divorce is on telling your kids about the real situation. This is really true, because if kids are not properly informed, they ended up blaming themselves for the breakup of their parents. Follow these advices in order for you to have an idea on how to properly inform your kids about your breakup with your spouse.

Work with your Spouse

You as parents should work hand in hand in dealing with the divorce, especially when it comes to telling your kids about this harsh reality. Despite of the things that happened between the two of you, avoid arguing in front of your children, because this will just make them feel bad. You should still be able to treat each other as friends, despite of the conflict between the two of you.

Look for the Right Time

Inform your kids about your divorce at the right time and place, so as not to make the situation worse. Remember that this issue is very sensitive, so you should not just say it to your kids at anytime you want to. It would also help if you and your spouse will talk to your children only when all the pain and hatred within you is gone.

Avoid Blaming Anyone

As mentioned from the start, some kids would tend to blame themselves whenever their parents are divorcing. It’s not good for kids to think of their mother or father as the reason for the breakup, because this will just make it more difficult for them to bear. So make sure to avoid back biting your spouse when talking to your kids about the breakup, and avoid saying bad things against each other. Make them feel that you are still one family, and nothing has changed, except that you or your spouse will no longer live in one house.

Give Them Reassurance

It’s hard for kids to accept the fact that the two people they love are breaking apart, so give them assurance that you and your spouse are fine with your decision to divorce. Tell them that you two will remain to be good friends even if you are no longer together and you must assure your kids that you will be with them whenever they need your presence. Make them feel that your bond as family is still there, even though you and your spouse will no longer live together.

Always be honest with your children when you to talk to them about your plan to divorce, so they will not feel that they are being betrayed. Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the effort to talk to your kids must come from both of you, and don’t just leave it to your spouse. And the most important of all is to make sure that you keep up with the promises you made. Therefore, if you promise to be there for them, then you should look for ways to really be there no matter what.

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