Arm liposuction removes excess fat from underneath the upper arms in order to make the arms look more shapely and younger. This surgery achieves results that are not possible through exercise and dieting alone. As women age, they lose elasticity in the skin under the arms and tend to accumulate fat in this area also. The end result is flabby and jiggly underarms that may cause embarrassment and a reluctance to wear short sleeves.

Arm liposuction restores a more slender look to the arms. This can boost self confidence in women who are embarrassed over their seemingly too muscular arms or jiggling underarms. Sometimes arm liposuction is combined with an arm lift. This helps to tighten skin that is loose and sagging like sometimes happens after losing a lot of weight.

The procedure is undergone as an outpatient and takes around two hours although it can be as quick as 45 minutes or as long as four hours for the procedure to be complete. General anesthesia can be used, but more commonly, a local anesthetic is used along with a sedative.

To do the surgery, the plastic surgeon makes small incisions in your arm and then inserts a cannula under your skin. This cannula is connected to a suction canister so the doctor can move the cannula around under your skin and vacuum out the fat. To make the job easier, your doctor may inject saline which helps break up fat or use an ultrasound device that works to liquefy your fat so it can be suctioned out easier.

After the surgery, you may experience pain and soreness for a few days that can be relived with over the counter pain medication or prescription drugs. Swelling also accompanies arm liposuction. This can be controlled somewhat by using compression bands which keep a light but constant pressure around the arm. This keeps the incisions closed, promotes healing, and prevents swelling.

The swelling should be gone within three weeks after your surgery. You should be fully healed within about four to six weeks. You will probably need to take off up to two weeks from your job while you are recovering.

Not everyone is a good match for arm liposuction. It is not intended as a weight loss method. In fact, you should be less than 20 pounds overweight to have this procedure. Its main purpose is to correct abnormally shaped arms by removing unwanted fat deposits. The end result is that you have slender arms that make you look thinner.

Complications of arm liposuction are rare. However there are a few risks. For one, if the surgeon removes too much fat, a woman may be left with masculine looking arms or lumpy arms. There is also the risk of developing an infection at the incision site. If general anesthesia is used for the procedure, there are risks associated with it as well such as reaction to the anesthesia and risk of blood clots.

Overall, arm liposuction is considered to be a safe procedure and most people are pleased with the results afterwards. Arm liposuction can restore confidence and make the arms look slender and younger. For anyone who is self conscious about the appearance of their arms, arm liposuction can be a tremendous benefit.

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