The Art and Science of Success

“The 4000 Times Rule”

Large organisations are very good at doing 4000 things once!!

The trick is to do one thing 4000 times

Success is borne out of repetition, repetition is borne from determination.

1% of the people on the planet own 36% of all the wealth. 1% of the people on the planet create all the opportunity for the rest.... Why?

It is simple.... they are not superhuman, they do not possess magical abilities, they are not bestowed with luck beyond belief, it is just that they have learnt and master the art of success, by developing their own unique version, by identifying a small number of key and core tasks that for them build success...and then being pigheaded and determined enough to hone and craft these key skill areas through constant repetition until they get it right and the pieces of the jigsaw start to fall into place... ie doing a relatively small number of critical actions 4000 times!!!

We fall down in life, so that we can learn to get back up!! Those that do not get back up, are destined for mediocrity and failure, whilst those that keep getting up are charting their course for success.

Remember successful people are successful for one reason and one reason only... they have failed more times than everyone else, BUT every single time they have got back up, dusted themselves off, learnt the reasons for failure and then got right back on with the task at hand.

Remember this quote

“A ship is safest in harbours, but that’s not what they were built to do..”

As human beings we were not designed to live in boxes and drive sofas whilst watching TV!! The world is an amazing place and it is filled with amazing people and many of these people are working in your organisation right now!!! Go and find them and bring them into your teams.. and build your success!!

Aim to be in the top 20% of your team. Then aim to be in the top 20% of that top 20%...that will put you in the top 4%!!! Then the hardest step of all...aim to be in the top 1%!!!

Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."

Winston Churchill

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