The Art of Follow Through: Stop Putting it Off!

Why do some people seem to be able to accomplish so much while others allow obstacles to block them, or they procrastinate and never finish what they start or dream of starting?

Surely those who succeed know some things that others don't. Or have they simply learned the art of following through with their goals or dreams?

This article is about follow through with your dreams, goals, ideas, visions, creating the ideal business you first dreamed of, being fulltime in business for yourself. Why have these never materialized?

What is this art of following through to get things done? FOLLOW THROUGH is learned. It requires practice, attention, passion, holding on to the big vision and staying with it regardless.

First things first. To accomplish any mission or goal, you need a specific end result in mind. How do you get 'there' if you don't know what 'there' is? Be specific and define your goal(s).

Once that's clear, you can begin a follow through plan to plot action steps, determine the resources you need and how you will implement the plan. Certain steps are needed before others can be taken. Eleven tips for a successful follow through plan:

1. Know what it is you want and why. This creates a feeling of certainty and confidence. When you falter, generate the feeling anyway and remind yourself of the what and why. Develop a mindset that you can do anything you set your mind to.

2. Identify thoughts or patterns that self-sabotage and block your success. Recognizing procrastination, fear, subconscious obstacles such as negative beliefs or self-limiting thoughts allow one to deal with this unfinished business so you can move forward with your goals and lead a happy, fulfilled life.

3. Own your passion. Follow through requires actions and powerful actions are fueled by passion. Without passion, you remain in a comfort zone. Have a passionate determination that against all odds and obstacles, you want this thing enough to step out of a comfort zone and create your reality.

4. Stay focused and on track with your intentions. Avoid distractions or naysayers taking up space in the valuable real estate of your creative and passionate mind.

5. Decide to do what you love and love what you do. Embrace personal fulfillment, service to others and global contribution.

6. Take a first big step in the direction of your goals - do something to break the pattern of inertia or procrastination. There are no mis-takes, only re-takes and lessons learned.

7. Take some action every day. Thinking, planning and action must become a habit. Momentum occurs from the sheer energy of movement in a desired direction.

8. Keep your big vision in sight. Visualize every single day what it is you are moving toward. Use tools to motivate and inspire you - a vision board, mind maps, positive reminders, meditation, prayer, faith.

9. Always be prepared and ready to adapt. Change is inevitable and a sign of progress. Don't be so attached to outcomes that you become rigid in your thinking or planning.

10. Develop the Olympian Attitude. Determine in the beginning that you will not give up. You want the gold and will not resolve until you reach the finish line.

11. Get help and support from others. Have a trusted person, team, mastermind group, coach or mentor that knows your goals and can help you keep going even when you feel like giving up.

Setting goals is always a key to achievement. However, sometimes it's not enough to just set goals, it takes learning and mastering the art of follow through.

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