Photography is all about using light - in one or the other. Hence, be it natural light or the artificial one, the art of photography all depends upon how efficiently you handle lights and shades.

Clicking photos in natural light is hence, all about handling the extent of light available and the angles thereof. Remember, you do not have control over natural light. Hence, if you are to utilise it to the fullest, you need to be an expert. More so, while taking wedding photography, you have to be doubly conscious. You have to create a lasting effect that will underline the mood and the grandeur of the day to the fullest.

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Should You Use Flash Or Not?

Are you toying with the idea of using flash in the middle of the day? Surely you can for people these days are more and more inclined towards pre-wedding photo shoots. These photo shoots are predominantly conducted in daytime. Hence, the issue of using flashes during pre wedding photoshoot sessions in Kolkata very much comes into play.

However, to be frank, it's not at all that flashes are a disaster during daytime wedding shoots. It's the duration of flash that matters the most. Then again, the quality of flash would come into play here.

There are a number of reputed makers of flash, which come up with high-speed sync. This technology would allow the flashes to shoot at shutter speeds that are higher than what is allowed by the camera you are using. Now, this is the technology, which can overpower the natural light.

Then again, another school of thought says that there is simply no need to use flash during daytime for wedding photography. According to these experts, the most elegant factor in a wedding photoshoot is the ambience of natural light, which makes all the difference. Now, use of flash would spoil this elegance.

There is another valid reason behind not using flash as per this sect of photographers. The principal objective of wedding photoshoots is to remain unobtrusive. This is to ensure the photos are as realistic and spontaneous as possible. However, there is a propensity of people to turn towards the flash as soon as it goes off. This spoils that spontaneity.

So When To Use The Flash?

In the realm of wedding photography, group photos always hold special stature. Now, when it comes to taking group photos during the daytime, using flashes is a great idea. That helps taking a stronger image, which reveals even the most minute features of the image well.

So, it is all about handling the lights in a proper way while during wedding photoshoots. In fact, when it comes to making a pre-wedding portfolio a professional photographer in Kolkata must know every technical aspects of daytime photography. It's after all, using the daylight in a proper way, either, using the flash and channelling the light, or without flash - using the natural light to the fullest. If you are looking forward to make a career in wedding photography, make sure you grow bonhomie with natural light.

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The author is a well-known freelance photographer, though he was associated in the past with a company that into wedding photography. He writes blogs and articles on wedding photography and conducts wedding photoshoot sessions in Kolkata independently. When it comes to creating pre-wedding portfolio a photographer in Kolkata like him is absolutely indispensable.