The Art of Letting Go

People often find themselves irritated, operating at their max capacity, or weighed down. Perhaps some feel as if they are gripping on tightly to certain aspects in their life and cannot let go, or simply feeling sad. Many individuals can identify the feeling, but have no idea where the root of the feeling resides. Finding the root of the issue and healing the unpleasant sensations it causes can be accomplished with more ease by learning to let go.

Many people find themselves overscheduled and irritated when they operate out of a place of not feeling good enough or having to be perfect. Ask yourself where these negative cognitions come from. Once you uncover the root of these harmful thoughts, let go. You are only harnessing positive energy you could be pumping into your life by holding on tightly to negative thoughts that seem to overpower your life.

What about individuals who feel chronic sadness or as if they are gripping on to life so tightly they are stifling it. Often times this scenario transcends from feelings of loss. Have you lost someone or something that had meaning to you? Have you actually grieved this loss, or have you tried to push it aside? Many people do not know how to grieve. We are allowed to acknowledge and feel pain and hurt. Too often feeling of responsibility to others and/or fear of these feelings cause us to stuff them deep down. Well, if we stuff it deep down inside, where does it go? It manifests itself in not wanting to loose again, thus maintaining strong control over our lives. Grief can also present itself in low energy, depression, panic, and change in appetite.

We are allowed to feel negative emotions such as sadness, hurt, fear, loneliness, apathy, and guilt. The trouble occurs when these emotions begin to grip our lives causing us to struggle. At times, we may not even know or perhaps understand why these feelings are there. Through letting go relief can be found. Why struggle? Here are some tips on how to let go. Keep these strategies in your awareness and grow from them. Remember to breath as you remind yourself of letting go.

1. Letting go means you are supportive and well intentioned in your life, rather than the thought that you are going to fix and accomplish everything in your path today.
2. Letting go means to learn from the past and grow from it in your life journey, rather than riddle your self with guilt and criticism.
3. Letting go means let go of your fears and replace them with love and positive foresight.
4. Letting go occurs when you learn that certain outcomes are out of your hands, rather than gripping onto them.
5. Letting go occurs when you stop criticizing others, rather live the life you dream of.

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