It’s rough out there right now for a lot of people. For some people, they have barely noticed anything different. I was one of them. I’d go to work and when I was done, my husband and I would go out to dinner, and we couldn’t believe there was a recession going on. The restaurants were crowed as usual, cars in the mall parking lot, etc. Then it hit, I was laid off from my job. Now I was one of them, the less fortunate. Our life was about to change.

I see how some people have adapted better than others. If they were lucky enough to get unemployment they could still manage to pay their bills. What about all the countless others whom did not qualify for it? How are they managing? Only one word can best describe it, BARELY. Yes, they are barely getting by.

The change has brought about change. Although we have been struck a mighty blow, both economically and personally, there are ways to help you out of it. This great depression has been a life changing experience because it has forced you to rethink the basic things that you were taught. People are selling what they have in order to make ends meet, and the sad part of that is that they are not getting what they wanted to get for the item. We are going back to the bartering system. A lot of people are doing that. This recession/depression has brought about so many entrepreneurs. They are reaching within themselves and finding something lost something that was buried a long time ago. They found something that they use to be good at and enjoy doing and have made it their new project or new business or new job.

At this point in the game, your life has changed. All of the extra things that you enjoyed doing are gone. No more shopping, movies, etc. You have just the bare minimum to get by on. I call this: on the floor. The good point about being this low is the only way is up. When you are this low, you can only rise up above your situation. This is what you should do:

Note: If you have someone to help you, that’s great! You can take their hand, they will help you up. If not, that is fine too; this can be done alone (greater success that way).

Put one foot firmly on the floor, if you have someone to help you, reach out your hand to theirs. If not, grab your knees with both hands and push off your with your other foot until in the standing position. There, you made it, you’re standing up, now lets go with an attitude adjustment.

We have all had to adapt to our new circumstances. It’s just like a new office policy, but the world is our office. This is what you need to do to keep in circulation. These are a must to keep your faith in yourself going.

1) Get out of bed go straight to the mirror and tell yourself you are worth all of the good things that life has to offer.

2) I will find a job today.

3) I will help other people out along the way. Acts of kindness spread like wildfire.

4) Everyday I will get out and walk for at least a half hour. (mental and physical stimulation)

5) Stay away from negative anything or anyone! This is the time you definitely do not want any negativity in your life. Turn off the TV and either go outside, or grab a paper and pen.

6) Update your resume, when you are done, hand it to a friend, neighbor or clergy man. Give it someone who can proof it and they will give you a different perspective on it.

7) Giving! Give yourself away! Cut somebody’s grass or hand out food at the food pantry. If you are capable of giving to the pantry, it will help someone that’s hungry. Go through your clothes and donate the ones that don’t fit you anymore. Just give and keep giving. It’s summertime still, teach someone to read, swim, or ride a bike. Teach a foreigner our language. Learn theirs.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen. Put on one side at the top OLD and then on the other side put New, draw a line down the middle. Next, list the jobs that you use to have, and beside it, put what you use to do. Find the common denominator. For an example, Sales, worked with people. Cashier, worked with people. There is your common denominator, you worked with people. Now, dissect that common denominator. Do you still enjoy working with people? Is this something that you like doing? If you work with money, do you still enjoy working with money? On the New column, put the opposite of the common denominator; for example, if you use to do public speaking, maybe you should try writing. Explore the new side. Give the New side a try, this maybe your new calling. Stay open minded about change.

Lastly, I am a firm believer that everything in our lives happens for a reason. I also believe that life is very precious. I think that this drastic change that has occurred is for a reason; it’s to force us to bond with others in such a caring and loving way. We are meant to help each other out during their time of need, during their struggles. Hunger and desperation don’t know any color, they don’t know languages, they don’t care where you been or where you’re going. Get out of bed, get moving and stay moving. Don’t let your body or mind become stagnant.

Belief in your religion is vital as well. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Paganism, Baha’i, Atheism, Rastafarians, or Jainism to name a few. Whatever your faith, it will guide you. I believe in all and exclude no one.

As for me, I have attained success. You are reading this. My only hope and prayer is that this reaches someone that truly needs it. Know that feeling of hunger. It lies deep in the pit of your stomach. Work hard for the attainment of food; it doesn’t just mean a job, work for survival. If that means scrubbing toilets, cutting grass, pulling weeds, working on a farm, collecting cans, etc. then do it. Go and search for it, cure your hunger. You can do it…because you can! I will be here to help in anyway I can. Believe in yourself. I believe in you.

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