The true leader is the one who is more self motivated out of the group. If you can’t motivate yourself there is no way that you will be able to motivate subordinates. Sometimes the leader motivates by actions rather than words. When you look at the leader on athletic teams you will note that they are normally the best athletes on the team. They are the ones who will whip the team up to meet a challenge on the playing field. The coach can help to get the team motivated but when the individual player is facing off against someone who is just as strong and talented or even stronger and more talented he needs a motivator there with him in the trenches.

Have you ever heard the term used which says that a team played over their heads on a certain day? This means that they were motivated to perform beyond their known talent to win. They beat a better team on adrenalin alone because the mental intangible of motivation made them better than the other team.

Sometimes getting and remaining motivated is downright tricky. No one can remain one hundred per cent hyped up all of the time which really isn't necessary, but the time will come when you will need to be focused to perform a task or make it through a tough situation. Once you have accomplished the difficult task you don’t need to be hyper motivated but the basic drive to win should remain. Motivation begins with the mind and ends in positive action or lack of action. There are many obstacles which will come to rob you of your motivation, or desire to continue in a chosen path. Every obstacle is designed to take away your will to fight. The key to the battle is whether you will allow the problem or the goal to consume your energies. If you give your energy to the problem you will never accomplish the goal. If you maintain focused on your goal chances are that you will reach it.

If your focus remains fixed on your goal it will consume your mind and pull you towards it. If you allow the problem or situation to consume your attention it will eventually destroy you. Whatever you allow to become attached to your mind is what will control you. The one thing which is for certain is this; you will not win if you worry. Even if the situation seems hopeless you won't get out of it by looking at the negative. If you are going to go down go down swinging hard. The only way to change a bad outcome is by taking action.

I doubt the ability of people to motivate their self when they need someone to scream and yell at them to accomplish a thing. Now it is good to have people who will try to motivate you but what do you do when they aren't there with you? I was helping a weightlifter once who severely chided me because I wouldn't scream and yell at him to lift the weight for the last two reps. Maybe I could have helped him out more now that I look back on it but my mind set at the time was this; either you want it or you don't. The lift was his goal, not mine. It was his job to get through it. Besides, I am not a person who likes to scream and yell. I don’t need to be yelled at to perform. All I need is to be put in the situation where I have to perform and I will. If you establish a goal it should be established with all expectation of getting there.

Our minds have to be made up to reach the place where we want to go. People either support us or they don't but whether they do or not should be only a minor thing and not a concern at all. If you are focused you won't have time. When football teams talk about beating an opponent on the road the biggest factor is the crowd. If they are cheering for the other team and booing you it can very well become a distraction. A good team is able to block the crowd out of their mind and perform at the same level.

One thing that I learned to do when I would work out was to play mind games with myself in order to keep going. For example one thing that I learned to do was to count backwards when lifting. If I knew that I could do twelve repetitions of a movement then I would count backwards from 13. The intention was to make my brain think that it was going downhill and it worked.

Sometimes when things get hard we have to focus on taking one set at a time rather than looking at the end result. The end goal may seem too far away to be realistic when the going gets rough so the trick is to just keep focusing on the next step until you get to where you want to go. The Good Life

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