One of the single-best ways to “see” whether or not your thoughts have a creative influence on the reality around you is to begin thinking about something in particular, and then observing its reflection in your immediate environment.

For example:

If I set an intention to manifest more money for myself, and then over the next two or three days begin stumbling over quarters and dollar bills while I’m going for a walk – I’d assert that there’s a correlation going on.

Those quarters and dollars very well may have been there all along, and I just didn’t notice them before.

However, that’s precisely the other end of The Law of Attraction; increased awareness of things which are already right in from of you, of which you were previously oblivious.

This is the other secret “hidden half” to the Law of Attraction; if it’s not bringing it to you, it’s showing you that it’s already here!

Raising Your Consciousness/Awareness

Make no mistake – it absolutely can take a while to begin changing, testing, and working with new beliefs in an effective manner.

This is half the battle for most.

This is why I always urge you to just hang on to your intention in a positive manner, even when you aren’t seeing results yet.

Some manifestations involve a longer chain of events, so that all involved in the process are maximizing their own growth path.

Nothing is “just for you”; this physical reality is a matrix of experiences, each unfolding in perfect time as they “cascade your manifestation” toward you and your individual experience of physical reality.

Your consciousness is like the person sitting at the computer, your body is the computer, and this physical reality is like the internet of consciousness itself.

Type in a URL (“I intend to manifest money effortlessly”), hit GO (send out your intention to the universe, and remain congruent with said intention via your conscious mind’s thinking), wait patiently while your page loads (studying and doing things you enjoy are the best ways to pass time during loading phases), and observe what appears “on your screen” (experience).

Creative Observation

Now, this is absolutely key:

One of the BIGGEST QUESTIONS/AGGRAVATIONS regarding the LoA is:

“How can I manifest what I DO want, if every single time I even so much as PERCEIVE something in my environment that’s incongruent – I cancel my intention and have to start from scratch?!”

There is a very powerful, effective, and time-tested answer to this question:


Creative observation is the art of “biasing reality” in the most positive direction possible, at all times.

This is achieved by consciously and intentionally choosing and directing the climate of your thinking.

This is an advanced tool when it comes to The Law of Attraction, and this is why most will not grasp it.

When you observe something in your immediate reality that reminds you of what you don’t want – DO NOT DENY THE EXISTENCE OF THAT THING – instead, immediately begin viewing it in as positive a light as possible.

Someone giving you a hard time over something you’re interested in pursuing?

Recognize that what’s actually happening is you’re reminding them that they need to grow – hence, their irritability towards you.

Facing a setback of some sort?

It’s a test, so you can flex your new (and constantly updating) knowledge of yourself.

You are never not growing as an individual.

Things we perceive as setbacks, problems, and obstacles are just as much tools for learning and self-discovery as are our hard-earned rewards.

The universe WILL throw you curveballs from time to time.

REMEMBER! You are part of an orchestration of consciousness experience, maximized across and for all participants!

This is a dance, my friends – not a foot race!

Those attempting to sprint through this will only find themselves tripping over their own feet, headfirst into the refreshments table :P .

Create Progress by Intending for Progress – via Observing Progress

Whenever you catch yourself “passively observing” – i.e. observing things as they appear to be (your raw perception) without any intention to influence them one way or the other – recognize that this is the exact mechanism that causes (manifests) complacency.

You know you want more, but you passively allow external reality to “convince you” that things are boring, outside of your control for change, or worst of all – not worth the effort to even try to change.

Most people will merely assume they have no influence on physical reality from the thought level (we’re all conditioned to unquestioningly accept a materialistic/positivist view of the universe through our formal education – of which, understandably, most never question or test) so they erroneously allow that external reality to capitalize their entire experience.

The key to manifesting is to realize that it’s not a “one-time affair”; you need to maintain a certain connection as much as possible, while simultaneously avoiding the trap of falling into neurotic wondering/doubting of the process.

You want to know when the LoA is going to work most strongly for you?

When you finally get aggravated with your flawed attempts at coercing it into working for you, and stop subconsciously relying on its proof of existence to begin taking action toward your goals.

That’s exactly what I did.

I experimented for a long time in suboptimal ways, and eventually said “Screw it. If this is real, it will pick up the slack when I’m already covering all other bases”…and that’s exactly what happened.

Sometimes, we have such deep, embedded Subconscious beliefs, that it can take a little “self-play” to get yourself out of them.

I achieved this by accepting that my goals will take hard work and physical effort EVEN with the assistance of The Law of Attraction.

I feel that this acceptance of true personal responsibility is what really gets the LoA in motion for us.

This attitude appears to strengthen my personal connection with said Law, undeniably.

It’s a 100% Trans-Objective truth for me now.

In the past, the more I’d rely on trying to think my way to my goals exclusively, the more I’d get great ideas, but no idea how to implement them.

I was getting “half the picture” because I was only allowing “half the picture”.

When I stop obsessing over creating perfectly-planned action step strategies and simply get started – reality realigns and supports me as I walk my path.


Cultivate the courage to do your own reality experiments, and remember: we’re dancing together in a choreography of consciousness – everything is perfectly timed, for the maximization of learning lessons for all conscious participants involved!

Live and choose consciously, my wonderful friends – and watch out for the refreshment table! ;) .

Author's Bio: 

Jason Demakis is a psychology & philosophy-based personal development writer, certified personal fitness trainer, and nutritional consultant. With a focus on prioritizing conscious decision making and behavior, Jason strives to invigorate, inspire, and empower individuals to question their conditioning, and begin living in conscious pursuit of their true goals and values.

His writing aims to demystify the divide between New Age disinformation and true personal development facts, and help people distinguish true empowerment from spiritual sabotage. Find more of his work via his website: