With the rapid advancement of Technology, online learning has become part and parcel of our life. More than 6 million students across any national and international countries are taking advantage of online learning to become part of Higher Education programs.

Many platforms are working exclusively to provide online courses through distance programs. The online degrees and programs mostly assist the resources such as video, recorded lectures, and discussion forums.

These resources offer various institutions to efficiently impart online learning and provide a better education platform than traditional classroom programs.

1.Less percentage of employee time in the organization
The various facts associated with learning through e- reveals that it needs less than 50 % of the total employee time compared to the same material used in traditional form of setting.

Secondly, the online learning mode increases the retention rates by approximately up to 60 percentage. Simultaneously, the retention rates of face to face training and learning are considerably low, which is up to 10%. Moreover, the most important fact is that with online learning, the participants can learn nearly five times more material without increasing the time consumption during training.

2.Increase in profit and revenue generation

Also, the increase in the revenue for most companies up to 42 percent is the most significant achievement of online learning. An accelerated rate of productivity is estimated by up to 30% in investing in online learning programs.
Moreover, maximum employee engagement is also one of the most outstanding achievements of companies such as Salesforce training Hyderabad that use e-learning. More than 41.7% of global Fortune 500 companies already use technology to train their employees and stakeholders.

3.Increasing the competitive edge across educational institutions

Furthermore, around 70 percent of the various Institutions believe that online learning helps increase their competitive edge by projecting numerous opportunities to keep up with the advancing transformations.

It is witnessed that since the year 2000, the accelerated growth of the online learning industry has been more than 900 %. Similarly, the revenue generated per employee for companies such as Salesforce Training Hyderabad is around 25 % higher for the companies that offer training using online learning.

4.Savings generated by IBM after switching to the online mode of working

Surprisingly, IBM saved approximately 2,000 million dollars after switching to e-learning mode. Britain's open university study estimated that producing and providing online courses consumes 90 % less energy and has 80% less emission of carbon dioxide per student compared to face-to-face training. Therefore, online learning is the biggest platform for creating an innovative environment that is eco-friendly for imparting education. The conventional face-to-face courses and programs are considered outdated in front of miraculous and efficient online learning modes.

5.Reduction in the costs of resources and service charges

With the help of online learning, various Institutions and organizations have become successful in reducing the costs related to traveling equipment and hotel rentals. The person can work and learn anything from anywhere with the assistance of online learning platforms. The form of training programs has become advanced for the employees through e-learning.

6.Efficient and faster production of results

Nowadays, many companies favor adopting online learning platforms, which are far more efficient and faster. Also, it is observed that e-learning provides more control over the learning processes since the person can revisit the online training more than one time. It offers quality control while imparting training and creating an innovative setting that efficiently leads to smart time management.

7.Revolutionary effects of online learning

Technology has revolutionized the pattern of learning and imparting education across various countries and organizations. Nowadays, the lectures and similar are not related limited just to a single room. The various digital toolboxes have made virtual learning systems more efficient and interactive. Even for identifying the weaknesses and strengths of an individual, one can take help of the online learning modes for data collection.

8.Increase in productivity of worldwide markets

According to Forbes, the worldwide e-learning market would achieve the productivity of 325 billion dollars by the year 2025. In a way, it projects that the market efficiency would nearly double up within 10 years. These projections are responsible for the immense acceleration of the demand for online learning.

According to small business trends, by the year 2020, more than 95 % of the US corporations would include online learning as one of their indispensable programs. In comparison to the usage of online education in the year 2017, there is a 20% increase in e-learning.

The wholehearted acceptance of these online learning opportunities through mobile phones and smart digital devices have facilitated the learning process and revealed the true essence of imparting excellence.

9.Benefits delivered to college students in the US

The paramount significance of online learning lies behind the fact that more than 40 % of US college students are using online Technologies for homework assignment completion. Hence, the application of online learning modes has facilitated the life of students to a greater extent. The place of the physical library has been taken by online digital libraries that offer numerous e-books that can be read by the number of students simultaneously.

Nowadays, most college students are using laptops in their classroom environment that offers easy and convenient learning features. The consistent improvement in the grades and achievement of the certificates symbolize the paramount significance of online learning.

10.Delivery of influential learning by teachers

The digital learning Technology efficiently extends the help to the college students in gigantic proportions, which can be revisited many times. Not only it helps the students, but also more than 40 % of the US teachers are taking the help of educational tech while delivering lectures and seminars.
InIn 2019, Canvas had the most extensive learning management system market being shared in the United States, estimating around 32 % of the Institutions assisting it during the delivery of notes.

The process of uploading PowerPoint presentations and videos has become straightforward with online learning platforms. The e-learning remarkable potential to change the slow pace of the developing world.

As it has reached in the remote areas to help the agricultural members such as farmers alleviate their hunger, it has achieved appreciation from every corner of the world.
Bottom line!

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Henceforth, e-learning is the future of developing countries. The astonishing e-learning statistics and figures have made the illusion existed in the minds crystal clear and revealed that it can transform the conventional patterns of learning. Also, it would continue to benefit future generations after that.