In the same way you wouldn't wear your favorite perfume without taking a shower first, you can't really grow into a bigger, wiser, wealthier you (remember that true 'wealth' means much more than just 'money') without understanding, healing and letting go of the old you... and anything else that may not longer serve you.

One of the 'toughest' moments of the awakening process (if not the toughest one) is the 'uncomfortable' but extremely necessary full review and following healing and forgiveness of the old past.

The time to review once and for all, those old skeletons has finally arrived. It's time to pull them out and dust them off, to look at them and examine them one by one, heal them with the greatest love and compassion you possibly can- that will be enough- and let them go, forever; trying to acknowledge at the same time the greater gift they have given you.

For many, the reviewing of these old memories will be an extremely hard experience, almost excruciating.
You may even go into a temporary emotional ‘rollercoaster’. If that's what it takes, so be it!

Try to resist nothing; but to embrace everything. Remember that we are here on Earth to experience, to feel.

It was your resistance to face them in the first place what has kept them within yourself for so long... They haven't gone anywhere. They're still there… still within you.

By 'pulling them' out from wherever corner they were, you are finally acknowledging your willingness to face them, so you can now finally let them go in peace. That is why: 'what you resist, persist'...
It doesn't go anywhere, it just buries it within.

When I realized it was time for me to do this... All I can say is that it wasn't an easy thing to do.

It can also be the case where you really don't have many painful memories to pull out. If this is your case, be grateful for it. Still, perhaps may be some old 'Ex' or ‘parent deed’ for which you still may have carried some old grudge that will be worthwhile to heal, forgive and let go, no matter how minimal it may seem.

If you have deep old wounds... Well... for you it may not be as easy and quick... Take all the time you need on this, do not try to speed things up as to let them go too quick.
But do not dwell on them more than is really necessary either. You will know what is appropriate for you.
Overall, be as loving as you can.

Forgive yourself first and really acknowledge that whatever has happened, no matter how long ago; you handled it the best you could. Then, be forgiving with the situation itself (whichever this one was) and with the person/s -if any- that you feel has hurt you in any way. You need to get rid of the old to welcome the new.

If your grudge is with somebody that is no longer in your life; forgive them in thought; bless them with the best of your capacity and 'allow' them to go peacefully. Understand that your resentment doesn't damage them, it damages you.

It is not necessary that you agree with their actions -no matter which these may've been- nor that you understand with your mind of Why they may have behaved the way they did, but your willingness to fully accept what happen, your wisdom to know that whatever it may have been, it was the only way for you to learn (remember) that particular lesson and your love and compassion for your own Self.

You will continue to gain even greater understandings as you continue to grow and change within. Now, just give your best. That’s truly all that’s necessary.

“The ‘awaken’ journey is not something that has an end… but only something that gives you the awareness to realize that it has just begun”…

Enjoy the journey!

Author's Bio: 

Adrian A. Boniardi has been a professional in the Scuba Diving Industry for more than 25 years. For the past few years, he has expanded his expertise to a wider arena as an 'Awakening Life Coach' and Founder and CEO of 'Meditar, Underwater Meditation', the natural evolution of the ancient practice of meditation. When he's not underwater or working with his coaching clients, he writes for different publications. You can contact Adrian through his website