Tom Wright

Imagine a balance scale. On one side is something people often tell me. They say, “I want to be wealthy.” And then after saying that, they state how much money they want. Or, that they want to have a successful relationship. You fill in the blank, we all want something.

So on that one side of the scale is what we want. And then what’s on the other side? What we don’t want. Often people want something in order to “not have” the opposite of what they want. For instance, when people want money, they often want it because they don’t want to be poor. Or, they don’t want to worry about bills.

Those “don’t wants” are the obvious things that weigh down the opposite side of the scale. But what about our hidden “don’t wants?” Because it isn’t the obvious things that people fight against, such as not having enough money, that keeps the scale tipped in the direction of continually not having what they want, but rather, the hidden “don’t want” weights.

What’s a hidden “don’t want” weight that keeps people from having what they want? Let’s go over the most obvious hidden weights from an easy to understand example, that of money.

People often put “I want money” on one side of the scale. And then on the other side, on the side that keeps them from tipping the scales in their favor, they pile up all manner of hidden “don’t wants” such as: “I want to do what it takes, but I am afraid to, and don’t want to be afraid.” Or, “I want to be wealthier, but I don’t want to have to do that in order to get wealthier.” Sometimes it’s not wanting to make that call, or to have to ask something of someone else, or even to let go and trust the process. The number of these hidden “don’t wants” are endless. Again, you fill in your own blanks.

What happens then, when the scale is again and again, not tipping to their favor, which would be represented by my clients not getting what they want, is that they come to me and say that they want to be wealthy, but can’t understand why it isn’t happening.

That’s when The One Penny Millionaire!® begins to look like it works miracles. Because the seminar always gets right to the heart of the matter, and in this case that heart is supporting participants in being able to lighten up about their hidden don’t wants, or to reduce their weight.

What happens then? That’s when the heavy weight of those “But I don’t wants” can then be worked with and reduced. And that’s when the scales really begin to tip in my client’s favor, and they report back that “miracles” have happened, or in the words of the seminar, a breakthrough has occurred. Because a miracle is simply an unseen outcome made real, in a Universe of limitless outcomes, and we call that new, unexpected outcome, a breakthrough.

In other words, through this work, they begin to lighten up and allow in what they want. In this example, it’s more money.

So here’s to your success in lightening up about your own hidden “don’t wants” and in so reducing their weight that the scales tip in your favor, regardless of what it is you want.

Because the game has already been set up, the scales have already been weighted, and the good news is the only piece to play is honing your ability to work with what’s weighing you down, so the balance tips in your favor, and you so lighten up that you. . .get what you want!

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Tom Wright is the coursework creator of The One Penny Millionaire!® a thirty week online seminar designed for your success.

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