Installing wine in the basement is vital. It is the natural way to make the wine healthy and tasty. However, one has to follow some basic rules before installing the wine cellar underground.

Storing food underground is the oldest process to make the food fresh for months. However, with the growth of the science and the innovation of the trendiest technology people are storing their foods on the refrigerator but, the natural process does not change with the technology, and the storing and maturing process of wine is one of them that need the natural procedure.

It I known by all wine lovers that wines remain testy and healthy only when they are stored at the wine cellar and the underground wine cellar is the best place to make them healthy for a long time.

To make a safe place every wine connoisseur wants to build an underground wine cellar of their own. If you are one of the wine lovers and wish the same you need to know some vital facts before having the wine cellar designs underground.

Some basics before you start building a wine cellar underground

The idea behind the underground cellar is keeping the liquors safe for a long time. If storing underground would be the safest place for the wines, no one wish to build the wine cellar. On the other hand, once you install the wine cellar at the basement, you need to follow some of the vital rules regarding the wine cellars. One has to take care of the appropriate temperature, humid level, the quality of the timbers by which the basic frame of the cellar is made, ventilation, etc.


The right Temperature is needed when you are storing the wines underground. Every wine cellar construction needs a particular temperature that it from 12 degree Celsius to 23 degree Celsius. To set the right temperature is vital. As the experts say that wines taste cooked if they are stored at high temperature, and they taste bitter when are stored in the refrigerator. Therefore, setting the right temperature is chiefly important. It is the homeowner’s duty to check the temperature every day even after setting the right temperature.


When it comes to humidity, you have to be very careful indeed. Usually from 65% to 75% is the right humidity. The more you become conscious about the humid level inside a wine cellar, the more wines become fresh and healthy. However, installing the humidifier inside the cellar is enough to make it control. But, you have to check regularly, else, your beautiful installation will shatter and all the expensive wines become inedible.


Finally, it is ventilation that you have to take care of. This is one of those important factors since ventilation will remove excess heat and make the place breathable for the wines. Therefore, make sure that you have installed a proper ventilation system along with the wine storage design.

Right Timber

Also, the inner frame management system is important when you are determining to make the place a heaven for the wines. The selection of the timber is important. Pick up those timbers what absorb less humid like the Ironwood,Cherrywood, Mahogany, Rosewood, etc.

If all these conditions are met inside an underground wine cellar it will definitely become the best wine cellar designs in the city. Make sure that you are with one of the best wine caller company that is efficient in maintaining all these facts.

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