Some people are a little hesitant about vaping because it seems to be a bit mysterious and complicated, but if you want to vape NZ and elsewhere, there is not as much to it as you might think and it is easy to learn. The main difference between smoking and vaping is really the heating element versus the fire. The process of heating the liquid in the pen turns it into a vapour that you then inhale. You can have different things in your liquid, different flavours, a different balance of chemicals and different levels of nicotine if you want it. When it comes down to it directly comparing smoking to vaping, vaping is the healthier option.

Understanding vape pens

Typically vape pens are made up of the main body, the battery, the cartridge where vape liquid is and the mouthpiece. The battery is rechargeable and the mouthpiece is removable so you can keep it clean. In some cases, a unit might also have a button to change the temperature. They are easy to use once you have used them a couple of times, it won’t take long to pick it up and they come in different shapes, sizes, looks and models. Vaping NZ and elsewhere also include your option of mods, different countries have different rules on types and options and where you can buy products and liquids from.

What do you vape in the device?

You can vape different things including tobacco, cannabis, dry herbs and liquids. When you vape with liquids they can contain nicotine or they can be nicotine-free, and you can get different flavours too. Vaping liquids are known as e juice, vape juice, e-liquids and as the heating coil heats in the vape tank it creates the vapour. You have a lot of different options and some people really enjoy more complex considerations but it does not have to be. The four main categories are prefilled, refillable, refillable with coils that are replaceable and rebuildable. The first two options are best for beginners to vape NZ options, they include pods, cartomizers and cartridges.

Follow the vaping laws

First developed in China as a method of giving up smoking, more people take up vaping every day. It is something that is spreading around the world including here in New Zealand. There are laws around purchasing and using a vape pen though so it is important to keep those in mind. In 1990 the Smoke-Free Environments Act came out to create more smoke-free places. Last year that act was amended to the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act. This means basically that the rules for smoking NZ, also apply to vaping NZ. The intention is to create a balance where smokers wanting to quit using vaping pens can do so but to prevent them from being marketed towards the young.


Vaping is a great way to give up smoking. You do not have to only vape with liquids that have nicotine when you move from cigarettes to vaping. You can then lower your intake of nicotine and retain the feel of smoking you now enjoy without the risks. It is not complicated and anyone can try it.

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This Article Penned by Lora Davis