Bay windows are a wonderful addition to any property and fewer and fewer properties are actually being built with any bay windows, making them somewhat of a dying breed! However, if you have a bay window you then you may well realise that despite looking great, owning bay windows does come with its own set of responsibilities. It seems that one of those responsibilities is to pay a premium on bay window curtain poles when compared to normal curtain poles!

It is not hard to find bay window curtain rods. However, finding a good deal on them can be a little trickier. As the options are more limited, companies know that they can charge a little more and this can mean that you are left either having to buy bay window curtain poles that you don’t really want, or pay extra to get the ones that you do.

However, more and more, a shift is being made to online retailers of curtain poles. You see, when you purchase bay window curtain rods from a main high street store, you are already paying a premium to cover the costs associated with owning a main high street store in the first place. Large curtain stores and home stores have huge rents to pay, staff to pay, all the costs associated with lighting and running a shop, as well as the problem of limited space. This can mean that not only do you pay more money for your bay window curtain rods but that you also have less choice. There are only so many poles that a shop with limited space can exhibit and this can mean that they often limit their choices available to some of the best sellers. If you are looking for something a little bit different it can be incredibly hard to find it.

Online retailed of bay window curtain poles benefit from much smaller overheads. There is no need for expensive retail space and they can dramatically cut down on staff wage bills too and other associated costs. This means that finding an online retailer will often result in a much cheaper purchase.

It doesn’t end there though, because an online retailer effectively has a shop with unlimited space. This means that they can stock a much more diverse range of poles and simply display them all with all their relevant information on the website, while having them neatly packed away in their warehouse. This means that you will have a hugely superior choice and be able to track down those rarer designs, while also paying far less!

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Tracks-Direct benefits from the economies of scale and low overheads of an online store while also still having the benefits of the one to one service and experience that a real shop has, in the form of Bradbury Tracks Limited. They have been supplying a huge range of curtain pole systems for well over 40 years now and so benefit from huge knowledge and expertise in the industry.