While sitting on a sandy beach one bright and warm fall day
I listen to the ancient sounds that emanate my way.
A myriad of seabirds cry while searching for a feast,
A wind blows soft across my ears while heading straight due east.
Before me countless sun drops dance upon a watery stage,
Like spirits moving out of time, a vision without age.
I dig my toes into the sand, this substrate of the sea
A gift of water, life and time as far as eye can see.
Some clouds hang heavy in the south, their bellies full of rain,
They lumber slow across the sky and move as if in pain.
A stretch of palm trees on the beach wave gently in the breeze,
Like elders from another time they stand and guard the seas.
The waves keep up a timely beat each clapping on the sand,
A natural rhythm kept by God and shared by water’s hand.
A warming orb in turquoise skies spreads sunshine all around...
I arch my back and breathe a sigh for paradise is found.

Author's Bio: 

Don Neviaser is a Certified Life Coach and award winning author of four books of motivational / inspirational quotes and perspectives. As a Life Coach he specializes in helping people move beyond restrictive mindsets or debilitating self-perceptions to a place of inner unity and appreciation for who they are and what they are capable of. He has helped many people live far more enriching and productive lives in line with their true-self!
“My standard for success is very straight forward; helping others to genuinely enjoy the gift of life by tuning to their inner most self and accomplishing that which is a true, natural representation of the
unique person they are!
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