Whether you are looking for a special piece of antique jewellery for an engagement ring that marks the specific day that you got engaged, or simply a modern item of jewellery that celebrates a close friend of family member's birthday, choosing to select a stone with meaning is a fantastic touch that is sure to thrill the receiver.

If you are choosing a ring by month, it is important to know the particular stone that is associated with in. In some cases there is more than one birthstone per month, giving you more choice of the item for you or the recipient of the ring. In a couple of cases, however, there is only one stone per month.

Creating an engagement ring with a birthstone in the setting is only advisable if your fiancé likes, hopefully loves, its colors (if it has one). If they do not like the color, then other gemstones should of course be considered. You may not be able to personalise the stone, but you can create an engagement ring design of your very own which has a stone cut in the style you prefer. Diamonds in engagement rings for example are available in the following cuts (their names commonly reflect their shape, style or the gem-cutter or jewelry designer who created them):

Another benefit of these jewelry is the different designs that only stackable birthstone ring can create. While on an individual ring basis, there is nothing unique about the such rings. However, once the rings start to be stacked together, they start to look different from person to person. This is because of the different permutations that can result from stacking multiple rings together. Hence, they are great for anyone who wants a more unique piece of jewelry on his or her finer.

Since so many exciting variations of this beautiful stone exist, many people, when choosing a gift for someone born in August, will purchase one variation each year, until the recipient has acquired topaz birthstone rings in each variation.

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