Are you living your life or the life someone else wants you to live?

Are you going after what you want or settling for what you don't want?

Are you afraid of asking for what you want? You have to be able to ask for what you want in order to receive it.

On a scale of 1-10 how good are you at asking for what you want? Be honest, how good are you at stepping up and asking for what you want every day? Some people may ask every once in a while, but consistency will make it easier for you to get the results you're looking for.

You see, you have to be able to communicate your needs both personally and professionally if you want them to be met!

Sometimes the only thing standing between you and what you want is an unwavering commitment to just ask for it.

How many times have you heard "Ask and it is given"? It's not just a cute phrase, there's meaning and proof to support the accuracy of that statement.

I remember speaking my mind as young as 5 and discovered speaking up wasn't the "cute" thing to do. Needless to say, I got in a lot of trouble. Today, I still speak my mind with tact of course, but being outspoken has made it easy to ask for what I want.

I ask for my water to be served without ice. I ask for the sale. I ask to be picked up when I don't feel like driving. I ask to sit in a booth instead of a table when I go to a restaurant. I ask to see what specials are running when I shop. I ask for an upgrade on the plane. I even asked the bank to reverse the charges for the new checks I ordered. I can go on and on because every day I ask for what I want; now I'd like to ask YOU, to do it too!

Fear-Doubt-Worry will stop you if you let it...

This is what stops many people from achieving their goals. They refuse to ask for help, especially when they need it the most. They start conjuring up in their head, 100 reasons why they shouldn't ask.

I'm bothering them...
They won't say yes...
It's silly for me to ask...
I'm too embarrassed...
What will they think of me...?

The more you ask, the more you'll get...

What I'd like you to do is take out a sheet of paper and write at the top "I Am Asking for What I Want Now" and then list 10 things you want right now.

I'll give you a few examples...

1. I am asking for a raise because I'm worth it.
2. I am asking for the sale because people need what I have to offer.
3. I am asking my friend to refer me business because she/he knows a lot of people.
4. I am asking if anyone has a job opening because I'm ready to work.
5. I am asking a total stranger for their business card so I can follow up.

As with most things in life, the more you do something, the easier it becomes. If you're feeling fearful about it, that's a sign that you should do it. Take a few deep breaths and state your question with the purest of intentions!

Life is not supposed to be a struggle and "She works hard for the money" can play in your mind a million times, but on the contrary, making money can be easy and getting what you want can be very simple if you wear just enough courage to ask for exactly what you want.

When you make a concerted effort and continue to ask, it keeps you on track. Furthermore, the mere fact that you asked is a significant accomplishment. The important things in your life were sparked by questions. It's the questions that count the most in life-not the answers!

Side Note: One of my favorite affirmations, I am practicing the law of giving and receiving. If you find yourself asking a lot of questions, it's always nice to offer something in return, even if it's just a compliment or helpful hint. You always want to create an even playing field.

For a life filled with more Beauty, Wealth & Success, just go ahead and ask for what you want!!!

Author's Bio: 

After spending 10+ years in Hollywood as an Actress/Dancer/Body Double Ungenita Katrina Prevost learned how to Perfect Her Potential™. Today she is the World’s First Beauty Empowerment Author & Speaker & named "The Tony Robbins of Beauty". She helps female entrepreneurs bring structure back into their businesses and balance back into their lives by going from “Frazzled To Fabulous”, a simple, easy to implement system that gets results, ultimately improving their lives and businesses.