Interested in working home but not sure where to begin? You’re not alone! Working from home is a growing trend around the world, and an ever-increasing number of people are looking for ways to jump on board with the telecommuting lifestyle.

This short and sweet guide is going to walk you through three crucial questions you’ll need to answer in order to exchange your business shoes for comfy around-the-house slippers:

1. How to find the right telecommuting job
2. How to land that job once you’ve found it!
3. How to keep the job while remaining happy, healthy and relaxed.

Ready to begin? Great! Let’s crack on.

Do Your Research

The number of times people omit to do this is kind of amazing.

We don’t think twice about extensively researching which sport shoes we want to buy, but when it comes to the job market, job-hunters can be remarkably willing to accept a potential employer’s claims at face value.

It’s all too easy to leap into a business model which simply won’t work for you, and this is doubly true for those considering work for any kind of sales work with a multi level marketing business (MLM).
Whether you’re looking to start a network marketing business or considering going it alone with a freelance agency, don’t just leap. Do your research.

The good news is, there are great resources out there. The Economic Secretariat, for example, can provide impartial advice on which businesses will work for you and why.

Find the Right Job

Finding the right telecommuting job is tricky, but not because these jobs are hard to find. There’s any number of job-finding services like from where you can begin to search. Not to mention the vast number of freelance sites like
The problem isn’t finding opportunities. It’s finding the right ones.

The trick is not to leap at the first opportunity you find, and instead spend some time learning more about yourself and the job market.

Know Yourself

Most people already have a broad awareness that you’re better off finding a job you love. But for some odd reason, people seem to forget this fact when they begin searching for home jobs.

Maybe the allure of abandoning the daily commute and office grind is so powerful, people tend to forget that working from home is still … well… work!
In any case, before you sign up for a telecommuting job, it can really pay to spend some time building up some clarity about what kind of job would be a good fit for you.

The TESTQ dream career quiz is a great place to start. This quiz will present you with some simple multiple choice questions which are designed to help you narrow in on what you love doing and why.

But you can go much deeper. For a more exhaustive list of ways to measure what you enjoy and what you’re good at, check out Monster’s awesome guide to career testing, here.

Land the Job

So, you’ve gained some clarity on the kinds of work from home best suited for you and you’ve done your due diligence in locating quality employers. The next step is winning the job. Telecommuting work is typically pretty competitively sought after, so it’ll pay to build up your skills.

Sharpen Your Interview Game

Interviews are here to stay. Regardless of whether you’re searching for onsite or remote work, sooner or later you’ll probably be asked to sit for an interview and prove your worth.

There aren’t many people out there who love interviews! They’re stressful and awkward affairs for the most part—and for this very reason, it’s rare to find someone who takes interview preparation seriously.

It’s smart to treat interviewing like any skill. Practice is going to make a big difference. Check out this great guide from the job hunting experts, Monster. It gives you some solid insights into acing your next interview.
If you really want to kick ass and take names, here’s a 6 hour job interviewing course you can take on Udemy.

Get Good

There’s very little excuse these days for not keeping your employable skills sharp and current. Almost anything can be taught through an online course.

It’s a good idea to join Udemy and keep an eye out for deals on training courses which are relevant to you.
Don’t be shy about mentioning your ninja-like proficiencies in your CV and cover letters. Maybe don’t say “ninja-like” though.

Stay Sane and Healthy While Doing It

Working from home is amazing, but it does impose its own unique stresses. Once you’ve landed your first work from home job, take some time to make sure you’re organized to do it properly and with the least possible stress.

Get Your Work Location and Schedule Sorted

Working from home can be filled with distractions. Whether it’s a pushy pet or a demanding family, it can be really hard to get a solid block of peace and quiet at home.

One great way to deal with this is to set up a separate, physical zone for your work activities. Your work area should be a separate room if possible, and positioned in a quiet part of the house. If you can’t manage that, invest in some sound-cancelling headphones.
You’ll also want to make sure you set a firm start and closing time for your working day. Without setting these parameters on yourself, you may find it hard to get into your work head in the morning and to switch off at night.

Think of It as Real Work!

This one is especially important if you are starting a home business and working for yourself. Don’t neglect to treat it like a business, especially when it comes to keeping track of your income and expenses.
Investing in a good accounting package early on will save you a lot of headaches when tax time rolls around.

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Md Rasel is a professional blogger.