The belief that good things happen is first and foremost in the minds and hearts of those people we see as living very blessed and happy lives. Some people look at the glass as half empty and others view it as half full, either way their reality is based on their personal perception of how they view the world around them. As Henry Ford said, "Whether you believe you can, or you can't, you are right". This same concept is relevant with the belief that good things happen.

Some people will look at those living magical lives and think "well of course good things happen to them because they have money, a good family, and a wonderful career, etc, etc". Perhaps this is merely a question of what came first: the chicken or the egg? If you ask very successful and/or happy people if they ever doubted their ability to create and manifest a wonderful life and to attract positive things, people, and circumstances in their lives, the answer would be 'no'. The most happy and successful people are those who believed that happiness is their soul given right, and they deserved to be happy. Appreciation also plays a key role here. If we don't appreciate what we do have then we certainly are not going to appreciate what we don't have and therefore the universe won't deliver.

If we go through life with a positive, upbeat attitude we will attract positive events in our lives. The opposite is also true. Think of a time in your life where nothing went right. You were experiencing one drama after another, that is because you got caught up in the first negative occurrence, then more bad things started to happen and soon you started cycling downward holding onto the idea of hopelessness, while all those negative thoughts raced through your mind of how awful your life was. Well of course it was awful because you kept feeding into that thought process and a pattern developed. But ask yourself what did you do to get yourself out of this destructive cycle? Most likely it was merely the shifting of your thoughts, you decided to make the necessary changes and you had the hope and belief that you could change your circumstances for the better. This observation is clearly rooted in quantum physics, and the very popular belief of the law of attraction.

Of course there are events in our lives which will derail us from time to time, but by believing that our life is the product of our thoughts, will empower us to get back on a road to a happier existence. Merely that belief alone will enable us to move on from the difficult situations that present themselves in life, if we are able to move on, release, and believe in something better. The universe can only deliver, but it starts with our thoughts, our intentions, and our beliefs coupled with our feelings that good things will, can, and DO happen to us!

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Maryann Candito, Certified Law of Attraction Coach & EFT Practitioner inspires women to get rid of the baggage and get busy creating an amazing life!

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