The elderly are often fragile and sickly and needs special care in most things that comprise a daily routine for people. They are often infirm and needs a caregiver to look after them, or assist them in the day to day activities. The caregiver can be someone who is hired or some family member. But in any case, an elderly person is rarely found to be living alone without assistance. With advanced age, there are some common problems that everyone faces. One of them happens to be maintaining a solid hold and balance. Many elderly people are often found with walking sticks for this very reason. There are also other ailments which aggravate this situation, like age-related arthritis, muscle and joint aches, osteoporosis, and other such illnesses, which are chronic in nature.

Bathing is a regular and daily activity which most of us take for granted and don’t even think of it as an activity that can be problematic or dangerous. But for someone with advanced age, it is an activity which is not only a hassle but also full of risks. With age firm stepping, or grip, and balance are in short supply, and a bathroom is a place which can cause nasty falls and accidents. Therefore bathing, instead of being a relaxing daily activity becomes something that the elderly tends to avoid. The prospects of bending or climbing over the steep edges of a conventional tub become a nightmare and hence getting in and out of a tub, a near impossibility. The caregivers also face problem while assisting the elderly in the slippery bathrooms, as it is impossible to keep an eye all the time while someone is taking a bath. A mere misstep can lead to a fall and can result in injuries that at old age can be fatal sometimes. Hence the trend of walk in bath tubs for elderly is gaining popularity in more and more households.

The walk in bath tubs for elderly are designed in such a user-friendly way that it can be used by everyone in the family irrespective of their age but are especially helpful for the senior citizens. These tubs are unique in their design as they have doors that are attached to the sides which open both ways, and have seats attached inside which do not require anyone to lie down for a bath. The elderly can just open the door and walk into the tub and seat down for a bath. This is a simple enough activity which does not need assistance from another person or a caregiver. Walk in bath tubs for elderly have been designed to facilitate the luxury of a bath cutting out the risk factors of a conventional tub. The doors get sealed once closed and the water does not seep onto the floor of the bathroom, therefore keeping the bathroom dry and non-slippery. Also unlike the conventional tubs the water can be drained out faster from these tubs which mean that once the bathing is over one does not have to sit back in the dirty bath water. The grab bars at the side also provides additional assistance while getting up and hence there is no chance of falling. These tubs are compact in size and can be installed in any kind of bathroom, even the smaller ones. So to ensure safety, security, and peace of mind, it is the best option that is available on the market now.

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The author of this article, Jeo Nash is a caregiver, and specializes in taking care of elderly patients. He advocates the installation of walk in bathtubs for elderly as a safety measure to all his clients.