Trading US Dollars isn't the only satisfying possibility in fx trading as there are a lot of other currency pairs without having USD in it. Here is the pros and cons of trading these types of currency pairs.

In Forex terminology, cross currency is a currency pair that does not include U.S. dollar. In foreign exchange market, trading is done in different currency pairs such as GBP/JPY (British pound-Japanese yen), USD/JPY (U.S. dollar-Japanese yen), USD/CHF (U.S. dollar-Swiss franc), etc. The pairing of these currencies differs significantly. There are currency pairs that include U.S. dollar while others do not.

Previously in the Forex market, it was commonplace to first exchange all other foreign currencies to U.S. dollars before trading. This is what happens in most cases in Forex trading. However, this is not required when trading cross currency. A trader is therefore not mandated to first exchange other currencies into U.S. dollar before he can be allowed to trade. This process created several benefits that as discussed below.

Benefits Of Trading Cross Currency

1. No Need To Convert Currency

The most ultimate benefit of trading cross currency is its elimination of the need to convert other currencies into U.S. dollar before being allowed to trade. The design of this technique is to completely bypass this conversion need which is the primary cause of many inconveniences to majority of Forex traders. Previously, it was a must for a trader to first make his conversion into U.S. dollar and also later converts back to his original currency resulting in severe inconvenience and also substantial loss of currency value.

2. Wide Range Of Trades

By trading cross currency, the Forex trade has opportunity to make a wide range of trades. Of course these trades are in different currencies. This also eliminates the effects of the fluctuation of the U.S. dollars that traders were exposed to when making these series of currency conversions. The movement of the U.S. dollars has serious impact on the four major currencies i.e. British pound, euro, Swiss franc, and Japanese yen. These four currencies will only be profitable when the U.S. dollar is considerably weak.

3. Removal Of The General Effects Of U.S. Dollars

Just as previously said, fluctuations of the U.S. dollar prices greatly affect the major world currencies. This effect extends even to the major world currencies including the British pound, euro, Swiss franc, and Japanese yen. These currencies are thus protected from fluctuation in the U.S. dollar prices by simply eliminating the need for conversions. In fact, the U.S. dollar has significant effect on all the major world currencies. They become profitable only at the times when the U.S. dollar is weak.

4. Profitable Trading Due To Non-Dependency On U.S. Dollar Performance

There is profitable trading resulting from this technique. Not at one point will the performance of your trade heavily depends on the fluctuation of U.S. dollar prices. Trading cross currency allows the trader to make substantial profits regardless of whether the U.S. dollar is performing or not. In fact, this Forex trading technique serves as a better gauge to determine how other currencies have gained strength over the U.S. dollar.

5. Little Fluctuations In Prices

Fluctuations affect every world currency. It is this movement in prices that further leads to profits and loss while trading in the Forex market. Generally trading cross currency exposes you to lower currency fluctuations than experienced with currency pairs that include U.S. dollar. This makes the cross currencies pair more stable thus suitable for new traders in the Forex market. You are also prevented from the overall overwhelming effects of price fluctuations which are caused by the movements of U.S. dollar.

Demerits Of Trading Cross Currency

1. High Market Insecurity

There are little drawbacks of trading cross currency. There are only two demerits which we can talk about this trading technique. First, there is potential that it does create highly insecure market. This is because of the high volume of trade characterized with lack of base currency for determination of price movements.

2. Financial And Political Instabilities

There is growing concern over political and financial stability of most countries. The most affected are the underdeveloped and developing economies. The political and financial situations in these countries can change suddenly at any time causing strong impacts on the currency pairs. This puts trading such currencies at very high risk status.


Historically, Forex transactions were carried out only in US dollar. Due to this, Forex traders were required to first change their non-US currencies before they can make any trade. Fortunately, the introduction of trading cross currency has eliminated this requirement; traders can trade directly using their non-US currencies without making the conversions. This process has made the Forex trading very simple and easy. Newbies in the Forex market benefits from this by trading without making huge losses. The losses associated with fluctuation of U.S. dollar have also been reduced.

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