Pets are a constant source of joy for their owners, however, taking good care of their petsis the biggest and most inescapable responsibility that pet owners have. When you need to go out of town on a business trip or even a vacation, it is not always possible to take your pet along, and you will have to make adequate arrangements to have your pet looked after by someone else. This could be a family member, a friend or even a professional pet boarding facility. A quick look at the pros and cons of keeping your pet in a boarding facility:

The Benefits of Entrusting Your Pet to a Boarding Facility

Training and expertise: As long as you choose a well-established pet boarding facility with a good reputation, you can be pretty much sure that they would have all the experience in dealing with various pet situations, such as pets refusing food, developing an upset tummy or just feeling anxious on account of the new place and faces all around. All pet care facilities will have not only standard operating protocols that can deal effectively with these situations and more but also the expertise in diagnosing the real cause behind the symptom. Remember, pet care centers like primpplay are all manned by people who genuinely love animals and will go out of their way to make your pet absolutely comfortable.

Pet medication: When you are entrusting your pet to the center, you should brief them about any pre-existing condition and the medications that are involved. You can remain confident that your pet will receive the extra attention it deserves, monitored especially for the illness, and medication administered in the right dose and schedule. While all pet care centers have veterinarians available on call, most of their employees are also trained in administering the medicines either orally or by an injection. The center will arrange to maintain a health database, and you can be sure that you will get an accurate update on virtually every issue.

The Downsides of Pet Boarding Centers

Even though by and large, a pet center is the best option for your pet when you are away, there are always a few concerns. Because there are a number of other animals at the center, it may be possible that your pet will have adjustment problems, get into a scrap and sustain an injury or even get infected by a disease from an animal that has not been adequately inoculated. While every pet care center will try to take the best care, something unpleasant may always happen, though serious incidents are virtually unheard of. It can be very helpful for your pet to be accompanied by some stuff like toys and blankets that he’s comfortable with.


If you are still unsure how your pet will react to the care center, it could be a very good idea to take a trial run for a day, and see for yourself how well he adjusts, and how well he’s taken care of.

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