Not paying to use a dating site is an advantage in itself, of course. But it's not the only one. Here are some highlights of these free sites.
• The number of profiles is generally large, because many people do not want to pay for dating. Because of this, we can make very nice meetings on a free dating site.
• The interface of these sites is classic, in general, and even users less familiar with this type of platform will take their marks quickly.
• The profiles are varied, as are the expectations. Whether it's to find great love or just for a one-night adventure, the possibilities are vast on these sites.
As we can see, a free dating sites can be relatively effective and we can see that these platforms have interesting advantages. However, everything is not rosy, as I explain in the next paragraph.
What are the faults of free dating sites?

On free online dating sites around the world, we find the same negative points . Some are surmountable, others become annoying quickly and many users then prefer to pay a subscription on the reference sites. Here are the main black spots of free dating sites:

• The fake profiles: they were created to bring you to another site (porn for example), to try to extort money or steal personal information is the major flaw of dating sites free. The Scam, as they are called, abound on this kind of site, on the lookout for a profile to pluck. The site does not necessarily have the financial means to fight and the pirates therefore choose these platforms in priority for their actions.

• Do not be fooled! Too hot pictures of young women and men who seem straight out of a Hollywood series should put you in the ear. On the profile, descriptions can also alert you: they are sometimes empty, sometimes they have no meaning. Finally, and even if it's not an absolute rule, questionable spelling may be a sign that your correspondent is not the one he wants you to believe.

You think that you are talking to Marie, from Toulouse, but you can see that her messages are full of mistakes and obsolete expressions of French ... it is possible that Marie is in Mali and that her intentions are not the best.

In any case, if your caller asks you for money , for whatever reason, absolutely refuse and end the discussion!

• Poor quality profiles: this is unfortunately another constant of 100% free dating sites. The profiles are sometimes sloppy, and the members hiding behind are not the most interesting people in the world. Vulgarity, lack of education and inappropriate reflections are common.
• There are also many more men than women on the free sites. Why ? Because many pay sites for men offer free to women! This is the case of these free dating sites cougars or most adulterous dating sites for example.
• A sort to do: it is a defect related to the two others; to make sure that you speak to someone good, you risk spending time searching the site, eliminating certain profiles, sorting. It takes time and patience.
• Advertisements: The last glitch of a free dating site is omnipresent advertising. This makes sense, since if you do not pay, it is necessary that the site is paid in one way or another. For this, it sells advertising spaces that pollute your screen. In the long run, it becomes annoying!

Free dating site VS paid dating site

So to make a final assessment , what to think of a free dating site?

These sites have the merit of proposing to meet people who do not want or who can not afford to pay the subscription to a classic dating site. We can make nice meetings by spending a lot of time, and without paying a dime! The users are often numerous and it is pleasant to be in line with other singles in search of love.

However, as we have seen, these free sites attract all kinds of profiles , and not necessarily the most qualitative. Many women prefer to take advantage of the free offers of major sites, and thus get in touch with serious men who will have paid to meet them. The prices of paid dating sites are a way to sort upstream.

In addition, paid sites pay close attention to the profiles of their members and often check registrations manually. This avoids false profiles ! So we end up with platforms, which, depending on the purpose of meeting (dating, serious meetings, ...) ensure that you do not waste your time sorting your interlocutors. You will navigate these platforms serenely which is still pleasant!

Thanks to their very large communities and their reputation, it must be recognized that paid dating sites offer much better results than free platforms. This is normal, because the more members of qualities, the easier meetings will be! Nothing prevents you from juggling between a paid registration site and a free dating site, to multiply your meetings. Thus, you will make a concrete opinion on the differences between these two types of platforms.
The bottom line is that you reach your first goal whether it is to find the soul mate or multiply the plans.

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