First, a clarification: The terms door opener and door operator are often used interchangeably. Gate operators are designed for heavy duty commercial grade gates. Door openers are designed to control residential doors. A remote "opener" does not refer to the remote control, but to the motor assembly used to open doors, which can be activated by a remote control or a timer.

A remote gate opener saves you the trouble of getting out of your car every time you want to get out of your driveway or back. This may seem like a subtle convenience until you drive through residences with the doors open because the owner cannot be bothered to go out and open or close them. And it goes without saying that remote gate openers allow you to stay dry during a rainy door-to-door trip.

Some openers, such as worm-operated operators, can operate with sliding doors or swing doors. Swing arm operators, as the name implies, can only work with swing doors. A worm gear operator is an enclosure with a screw piston that operates a piston arm. This type of operator is less complex than swing arm cabinets and does not require chains, valves, or other pumping mechanisms.

Swing arm operators extend from the enclosure to the middle of the gate (or the end if it is a single-swing door), with a hydraulic piston. They can handle any type of closure material, be it wrought iron, aluminum or wood, and are quite affordable as kits for DIY installations.

An underground circuit opener with sliding or swing gates can be used. While they are more expensive than swing arm operators, underground loop openers are the cleanest, as the mechanics are buried in container boxes underneath the door post base plates. You don't see any enclosure, chain, or arm on the ground. However, to obtain this clean appearance, the door must be close to the residence's electrical grid; otherwise you would have to use photovoltaic or DC modules.

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