Enumerated below are some of the evident advantages of availing automated car storage or vehicle storage solution:


In the mechanical car parking system offering vehicle storage system, the vehicle is safe from damage. Theft is impossible. Since the inside of the automated car parking and car storage solution is not accessible to anyone, the vehicle cannot be broken into, and the vehicle is safe from adverse weather conditions and vandalism as well.

You will always find the vehicle since the system will tell you from which hand-over room you can pick it up. An added advantage is also the 24-hour remote monitoring out - the customers will never feel left alone in the automated car parking and vehicle storage system.

Long walks through dark and smelly multi-story car parks are a thing of the past. Women, in particular, will find this way of parking much safer and comfortable!


After parking your vehicle in the hand-over room of the vehicle storage system and pressing the 'start' button, you can immediately go about your business. No long walks out of the multi-story car park anymore. Picking up your vehicle from such car storage system is just as simple, and the car is positioned in such a way that you can drive straight out.

Fewer Emissions

The automated car parking and vehicle storage system takes ecological and social aspects into consideration as well and creates additional parking space for the future. Fewer emissions (up to 35% less CO2 and 44% less Benzene) and the total elimination of traffic caused by people looking for a space in a multi-story car park have a positive impact on the environment.


Both the construction and the follow-up costs of a mechanical car parking and vehicle storage system are comparatively modest. First, the same number of parking spaces requires less real estate, less excavation, and so on. Second, the operation of an automated car parking System incurs less maintenance, energy and service costs.

Planning flexible

There's a lot of room for ideas as to how to design the outside of the mechanical car parking and vehicle storage system. Manufacturers and dealers can provide cost-effective architectural and planning consultation to suit your budget and needs and other caravan storage Brisbane solution.

They work fast, flexibly and professionally. One has to simply send them a location map and they will show you - for free - how you can make the most out of the space available to you for installing a vehicle storage system.


The hand-over room in a typical automated car parking and vehicle storage system is free of obstacles and therefore easily accessible by people with reduced mobility. Wheelchair users and other disabled people will find it easy to move around the large and bright hand-over room. Most car storage solution plans place great emphasis on full accessibility for disabled people, a well-lit design and wide doors.

Easy Retrieval

The mechanical car parking and vehicle storage system has the great advantage of making all parking spaces directly accessible. A car can be ready to go in less than 2 minutes because the mechanical car parking doesn't need to move any other vehicles in order to retrieve it. Multiple independent systems with multiple parking spaces each can be built side by side, thereby increasing the system's capacity.

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