Reading is also known as daydreaming. It takes you in the stunning world of imagination wherever you'll be the one you wish to be. The importance of reading can’t be denied even in this age of technology. However, the trend of reading manually from a book has been significantly reduced.

Reading a book online is totally different than reading a book manually. Online reading requires a lot of extra effort and can affect your eyes and sitting posture. Though you don’t need to pay cash on online books whereas sitting on a pc all the time will be agitated. Let’s have a glance at the advantages of reading a book manually:

• Enhanced Brain Activity

Reading keeps your brain engaged and saves it from losing strength. The more you read the greater will be your brain activity. You may have heard that brainstorming improves your brain’s ability to solve different types of problems.

• Stress Reduction

Reading diverts your mind from your tensions and unfavorable events in your life. It relaxes your mind by reducing your anxiety. It is said that reading is the meditation of our soul. You should keep this in mind that reading a motivational book can boost up your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

• Enhanced information

It is said that a pen is mightier than the sword. Unfortunately, the purpose of gaining knowledge has been misinterpreted with the amount of money you make. Reading once in a while is a great hobby and increases your knowledge. You can read different genres of the book depending upon your choice and interest.

• Improves Memory

Reading a book on a daily basis has a great impact on your memory. The more you read, the better you can relate things to one another. It makes you

• Increased Problem Solving Ability

Reading a book isn't perpetually regarding recreation. You find out how to handle and solve different types of things. It's aforementioned that there's perpetually an area for information and improvement. Books perpetually teach you one thing. It makes you able enough to improve your problem-solving skills.

• Excellent Writing Skills

Books don't seem to be simply written pages, it takes tons of effort and a talent to be an impressive writer. It is really tough to write something which is so impressive that it really inspires the readers

• A good Hobby

Reading a book may be a good hobby because it isn't mare fun, however, you can read a book to have a quality time with yourself. You can carry your book at your work to enjoy in your free time, you can also write your word lines and quotes from your favorite book with immensely delicate Parker pens, Lamy pens, and Sheaffer pens.

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Agha works with Arts institutions he has years of experience in writing art and typography, He writes blogs for his students in separate time, He lives in Dubai with his family.