Every situation has two complex and unique perspectives and the ability to interpret, empathize and identify with each side is a benefit divorcing couples must not take lightly. Having a mediation team composed of a male and a female allows C.E.L. and Associates to offer an approach to mediation that produces results that other firms cannot hope to achieve.

Brian James and Ellen Barron Feldman bring unique life histories and life experiences to each and every mediation they conduct, bringing a truly balanced approach to resolving conflict. Brian James, with his experience in domestic violence and conflict resolution in emotionally charged disputes and studies in Sociology, Counseling, and Mediation, brings to the table a dynamic view of divorce and separation issues. Brian’s background allows him to diffuse crisis situations, mentor couples in resolving disputes peacefully, and utilize his experience as a father of two small children.

Ellen Barron Feldman comes from the litigation arena and, with vision and foresight, sought out training in Divorce Mediation and Advanced Family Mediation. With 15 years as an Attorney, arguing cases before Illinois and Federal Courts, Ellen has seen and lived the legal system that divorcing couples face and recognizes Mediation as a valuable tool to resolve disputes. As a woman, she understands the unique perspective of women. With older children of her own, she can identify with the concerns of mothers as they approach separation and divorce.

Having a caring and compassionate mediation team gives divorcing couples the benefit of multiple points of view. Additionally, with both a man and a woman on their team, it is unlikely that one of the divorcing parties will undermine the process. Both parties have someone of their own gender with whom they can identify and bond with. The communication process is enhanced by same sex dialogue.

Finding a common ground is essential in the divorce process and co-mediation facilitates the achievement of this goal. It truly offers a win-win approach to the mediation process and its benefits are both dynamic and long lasting.

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Brian James is a mediator with C.E.L. and Associates, a mediation, therapy, and coaching services firm with offices throughout Chicagoland and Southeastern Wisconsin. Learn more about the advantages of mediation and co mediation in Illinois for divorce at celandassociates.com. Visit our blog for information tips, trends, and advice on mediation and divorce at http://www.celandassociates.com/blog/.