The greatest thing about yoga is its diverse nature. Literally, Yoga features thousands of poses and at least dozens of them can be used by the elder people. Hence, age is definitely not an issue for yoga. With a certified yoga instructor, you can learn at any time of your life. The benefits of learning and practicing yoga is literally endless. Common benefits include staying younger, alleviating stress of everyday, increasing the immune system of the body and preventing ageing related problems. Hence, seniors should definitely give yoga a try.

In this modern era, you can attend online yoga program from home itself. There are plenty of reliable organisation available in the market that offers specialised yoga program for seniors. A good yoga instructor will make you do the impossible and hence, make you stay fit. Although there ae many ways to do yoga yourself in this modern age, it is suggested to consult a qualified yoga especially if you are elder. They may provide some personalised guidelines for you.
Start with something very easy

Patience and confidence is the key. Some 70+ people can do a difficult pose that a 30 year old struggles hard to do. Hence, the first step in learning yoga is the belief. There are many small yoga techniques that can be done by all people irrespective of the age. Chair yoga can be done in the chair itself. Chair yoga is the most opted yoga pose among seniors. It is especially useful for the obese senior citizens. Chair yoga needs no special equipment and thus saves time and money. There are many yoga poses that can be done in the chair itself and most of them is available in internet in an image and video format. Hence, we specially suggest this method for beginners.

Tree pose is another easy yoga pose to try. Stand with only one leg and raise another leg with the height above knee of another leg. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds and switch the position of legs alternatively. Cobbler’s pose is another simple yoga pose to try. To do cobbler pose, sit with straight spline and spread the legs comfortably.

Other yoga poses for senior citizens
If you have tried each of the above steps, it is the time to move on further. You can try some other yoga poses mentioned below.

1. Warrior pose
2. Low lunge pose
3. Half chair pose

General guidelines to be followed for the safety of senior citizen

Seniors should be cautious while doing the yoga exercise to avoid problem. You should accept the fact ageing may have brought you many illness and hence, it is essential to consult your doctor before getting started. Your instructor should know about your medical history and you should all the tough poses under the direct guidance of a certified yoga instructor. Do yoga poses with the support of some other people to avoid possible risks such as twists and inversions.

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Yoga is to create strength, awareness and harmony in both the mind and body. Mr. Gaurand Chandarana, who himself is a Yoga instructor and counselor has in-depth knowledge of Yoga and wishes to share this bliss with you.