Water is an essential need in our daily life, because we are made up of 80% water and it either evaporates, or is used up in the metabolism of our body for the productive activity of daily living.

The content of our body is made up of neutral water, which our body continually needs for the replacing fluids in our biological cycle.

Neutral water is designed to keep us free from illness, but in our western lifestyle; it has no longer become the norm for people to drink neutral water.

Drinking coffee, tea, sodas, energy drinks, fruit juices, alcohol and alcoholic blended drinks have suddenly become more popular; because of their taste and the effects they have on the human body. Even bottled water has been considered safer than tap water, but that is also acidic! You would do better drinking filtered tap water, than buying bottled water, which is not even free to buy!

Water has therefore no longer become an essential desire to drink for our biological system’s needs. In truth, it is still the most necessary and valuable need of our body; as all these other drinks are acidic in content. They will not replenish our body of neutral water, because the water content is no longer neutral but acidic.

By drinking an over-abundance of acidic drinks in our diet, our body will not be able to neutralize all the acidic content in the fluid coming into our body. As a result there will be loose hydrogen ions wandering around your body, looking for vulnerable areas not strong enough to ward off an attack from the positive hydrogen ions and thus we have the beginnings of chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, cancer and various other conditions.

If you have lived a life with a totally acidic diet of coffee, tea, fruit juices and pop. And now you are feeling aches and pains in your body from arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus, rheumatism or any other chronic condition, which is giving you discomfort. Then you might want to think about drinking ionized water.

Although I am an active middle-aged woman, I have inherited my family’s condition of arthritis in my thumbs at 50. It was a very debilitating and painful condition, especially affecting the thumb joint; which is probably the most functionally used joint in our body.

No pain killers had any effect on the tremendous pain that I felt. It never went away, neither in rest of movement. It was constant agony; until I started drinking alkaline water.

By drinking alkaline water and nothing else for a whole week; the pain in my thumbs reduced by 60-70%. By the end of the second week, it reduced by 90%. I could have reduced it by 100%, if I did not depend on my caffeine kick in the morning and my occasional beer or red wine socially.

I have a Kangen water ionizer and I make my first cup of coffee in the morning, using the ionized water; but not as strong as I once use to drink it. When I smell the coffee, it is my wake-up for the day and I could not imagine functioning without this treat each day.

I no longer drink any soda drinks, fruit juices or any coffee or tea outside of my home. It may see a bit drastic, but you will learn by trial and error what your body needs to be pain free. I am prepared to accept a small amount of pain, so that I am not deprived of an acceptable quality of life.

Living life is how you want it to be. Naturally I want to be pain free; but if it means giving up a lot of the things that I enjoy, as part of the quality of my life; then there needs to be a compromise. I have given up a lot of acid in my diet and now drink pure alkaline water, which I find refreshing and palatable to drink.

I give myself one cup of coffee and tea each day, plus the occasional alcoholic drink. Sometimes I am completely pain-free and sometimes just minimal pain. It largely depends on the amount of acid that I consume. My body is very susceptible to acid erosion, with reoccurring bladder and yeast infections.

Drinking alkaline water is the way of reducing the amount of acid build-up in our body and has erased the severe arthritic pain from my thumb joints; that has now allowed me to return to a pain-free and more comfortable quality of life, as I age.

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The author Gail McGonigal is a qualified Occupational Therapist that is setting up a niche market in comfortable, ergonomic solutions called Active Living Solutions Ltd for overcoming aches & pains, instead of disability: http://www.activelivingsolutions.net
Initially she was selling ergonomic chairs for the population that are unable to fit into a standard chair. She is now progressing on to affiliate marketing, in selling alkaline water ionizers that can help erase the pain of chronic conditions, which Gail has used herself and found it to be very effective for relieving the excruciating pain of her osteoarthritis in both joints. http://www.activelivingsolutions.net/healing-water