If you’ve ever seen a Hollywood gala event such as the one where Trey Parker and Matt Stone dressed up as Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow, respectively, you might have noticed quite a few wall backdrops along the way.
The thing is, an event with a bunch of people of certain consequence can be a great venue for advertising and showcasing different products, so if you happen to be hosting such an event, you may want to consider getting one of these fashionable wall backdrops for your party.
Here’s another curious thing about wall backdrops and famous people. It works the other way around, as well.
For example, if you’re hosting a party with a bunch of people most of whom aren't that famous, installing a wall backdrop can increase the venue's worth and make the people present seem more important than they are.
As you can see, there are plenty of uses for these curious backdrop pieces. So, in this article, we’ve decided to list some of the benefits you, as an organizer, may experience if you venture to set up a couple of these on your event.
Right then, without further ado, here’s the deal.
The Benefits of a Media Wall

1) A Shoutout to Sponsors
Say you’re featuring a sponsored events with folks who paid for the entire thing having some interest to be advertised along the way.
A great way to kill two birds with one stone, and make your event both more glamorous and to make the sponsors happy would be to install one of these wall backdrops. You can have these custom-made by a team of professional media walls and banners makers, so you can rest assured that the backdrop will be well-made and visually attractive, too.
Also, your sponsors will certainly like the fact that a bunch of famous people is taking their pictures in front of the wall that has a bunch of their logos fashioned in that zig-zag pattern.
2) Advertise a New Brand
When it comes to event organizing for marketing purposes, one of the best ways to advertise an emerging brand would be to erect a wall with plenty of logos and symbols on it. This way, you can rest assured that both the invitees to the party, as well as photographers, will inevitably catch sight of it and take plenty of photos of it, too.
So, to advertise a brand you want to succeed out there on the market and you've got an upcoming party where you'd be willing to pitch the idea to the wider public – get yourself a wall backdrop and make sure as many cool people take a picture next to it as possible.
3) Bring Attention to a Charity

In case you don't really have the need to advertise anything else, but would still be interested in making your event at least somehow of greater use than just people getting drunk, you can always bring attention to a charity of your choice.
Since charities are organizations concerned with the well-being of people, rather than just profit margins, it’s a safe card to play, so to speak, because everyone will be on board with it. No celebrity’s ever said ‘no’ to a ‘Help-the-kids-in-Africa foundation' or a society that brings attention to certain types of cancer.
So, if you’ve got nothing to sell or no one to promote, but would still want your party to represent more than just a random gathering, set up a backdrop with some charity logos on it and you’re good to go.
4) Create a Sort of Gateway for the Event
You’ve probably seen this done for the Oscars or maybe some similar high-end event in Hollywood.
The goal is to, again, kill two birds with one stone by 1) providing an elegant walking path for the incoming guests, and 2) having them take pictures in front of it, so that both you, themselves, and the advertisers are as happy as a lark.
The great thing here is that there’s no limit to how many logos you can put on a wall backdrop. If you have multiple sponsors, put them all up there and they’ll make quite a sight no doubt. (Meaning put up the logos, not the actual CEO of these companies. That’d be weird.)
5) A Natural Invitation for Photographers to Take Pictures
Other than being covered in logos of various companies, there’s also the visually appealing side of the wall backdrops. Mind you, these are not just thin pieces of cardboard with some odd logo on it or the other.
Wall backdrops are usually made to be an excellent, well, backdrop for taking photos, so photographers will surely all flock to take pictures of your guests as their pose in front of these heavily-logoed curiosity pieces. Directing the attention of photographers on certain issues is truly a piece of cake at times.
6) Adds Value to the Venue Itself

Here’s the switcheroo we announced in the introduction to this text.
Namely, what you can do if you’re new to throwing parties and organizing events, for example, is add a wall backdrop as an advertisement to yourself – as a party organizer. How smart is that?
All you need is a sponsor or two, or even a non-profit charity, and your entire event can appear to have a new sort of meaning and can come across as more important than it is. (Just make sure not to include any logos of firms you’re not in agreement with and you should be A-ok.)

The bottom line, a wall backdrop has become so well ingrained in the party scene that you can see many of these popping up all over the place, no matter if the party is just a good ole get-together or a corporate event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the company's inception. So, if you were to put in a little bit of effort and come up with a wall of your own, you can rest assured that it won’t go unnoticed for too long.

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Neil is a lifestyle journalist from Sydney, Australia. He likes writing about traveling and cars. Huge soccer fan.