The t-shirt has become quite a universal item of clothing around the world for women as well as men. It is a classic item that people can keep as casual as they want, or use other items of clothing to dress it up, and it keeps you cool in warmer weather. They are also somewhat of a blank canvas, or they can be, and this means they are a fantastic medium to show artistic creativity and/or send a message. This is why tshirt printing Singapore and globally has become so popular. The art of printing is continuously evolving as technology and advances impact the different options for printing there are today. Whether you are ordering a class t-shirt, a uniform for employees, or something else, when you choose to order online there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Colors might not be exactly what you expect

Ordering online tshirt printing means customers can select colors looking at designs they have found, often on their computers, to then create their own custom t-shirt design. But a lot of people especially first-timers do not realize that the reality of those colors looks different once it is printed onto a tshirt. You might find what you saw as a red color looks pinker. A change in shading is possible so you need to keep that in mind. When materials absorb color it appears differently and that along with some other factors that contribute to the change in color means sometimes people are not happy with the results thinking it is a mistake at the printer when it is something you have to prepare for or adjust for.

Different services offer different printing methods

As mentioned the changes and advances in printing technology and methods as been quite profound over recent years. You will find when you order tshirt printing Singapore, that different places offer different methods, and those methods get different results. What you want from the print can help guide you as to what printing method best suits your needs, and of course, your budget.

While a lot of printers still offer the traditional silk screen printing method there are some disadvantages to it. It still takes a lot of prep work and is best if you are ordering a large bulk t-shirt order. Now for smaller orders, something like the easy-to-use and adjust digital printing straight to the garment might be a better choice. You also can print onto the t-shirt images with a lot more detail. There is a lot of difference between those two printing options, the equipment, the process, the understanding and the cost.

Think about your outside and inside labelling options

Another thing to think about when using a tshirt printing service is the labels. There is information the buyer of the t-shirt needs on the inside one, size, washing directions, manufacturer. Some people also have outside labels but when you are considering printing onto the shirt then the labels need to be taken into account. A lighter color shirt looks better with a lighter label otherwise you can see it through the shirt.

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